Help desperately required - I've just killed my PC

  [DELETED] 16:52 09 Aug 2003

I've recently upgraded an old PC with a new motherboard (ABIT), graphics card (nVidia) and memory.
Unfortunately, everything hasn't gone to plan!
Playing certain games caused the PC to "Shut down without actually turning off" and I had to manually turn it off and start it up again.
I tried all sorts of things, Windows Updates, Graphics Driver Updates and finally I flashed my Bios!! What was I thinking? Now the thing won't do anything. It starts up, the hard disc led lights up and then...nothing.
Please, can anyone help?

  [DELETED] 17:10 09 Aug 2003

At the moment,what bios was used for motherboard?

  [DELETED] 17:10 09 Aug 2003

Flashing the BIOS is no harder than opening a word document, especialy if you use ABITs flash menu and do it from within windows.

If you have corrupted the BIOS then RMA the mobo and say it was DOA and ask nicely for a new one :-)

The reason why it was shutting down was probably heat BTW.

  ton 17:17 09 Aug 2003

Can you look at your bios? If you can, then check settings. You can set bios to default by removing battery for a minute or so (with the PC off). If the bios are no good, try to re-flash. If still the bios don't work you can get a new chip ready flashed from click here

  [DELETED] 18:40 09 Aug 2003

Many Thanks for your responses.
Jim - the bios is a Phoenixbios - D888.
Ton - I tried all of your suggestions but nothing worked. I've now got a price from your suggested vendor. My purchasing of new Bios Chip is dependent upon The Sack's suggestion.
The Sack - I will contact my motherboard supplier and try to run a DOA past them.
I'll let you all know what happens...I bet you can't wait.
Thanks again.

  [DELETED] 19:34 09 Aug 2003

as your MB is new the first few lines may apply?
other ideas,WELL!they are all used methods.

Some newer PCs come with a boot block feature that enables them to recover from a corrupted BIOS situation. If the BIOS code is whacked, a tiny built-in program will look on the floppy drive for the appropriate files to reload the BIOS.

Physically replacing the chip with another that has the right code will solve the problem.


Note I'm not responsible for any damage this method may do to you or your computer !

Replace the corrupt chip by a working one. The best option is to take the working BIOS chip from a motherboard which has the same chipset although that's not absolutely necessary.

It just has to give you a chance of booting into DOS. Before pulling the working BIOS chip out of it's original motherboard, set the System BIOS cacheable option in the BIOS to enabled.

After you have put the working BIOS in the motherboard with the corrupt BIOS boot the system to DOS (with a floppy or HD).

Now replace (while the computer is powered on) the working BIOS chip with the corrupt one.
Flash an appropriate BIOS to the corrupt BIOS and reboot.
Note: Use a flasher from MRBIOS. They are known to work best.

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