help in deciding whats the best laptop for architecture

  louaygh 22:19 31 Aug 2014

hello, im searching for an new laptop that can handle heavy rendering, CAD, 3D MAX and potoshop. At the same time i dont want any of the bulky heave workstations so i am interrested in the MSI WS60 click here percision M3800 click here XPS 15 click here GS 60 click here links are only to show which laptops i am talking about, the price is according to the specs) Im also concerned about the price. I was hoping for some advice in order to pick the best laptop for the best price and mobility. I care about speed (SSD) RAMs (8 and above) Processor (Intel 4th generation i7) Graphic card(minimum 2GB) and of course the price (less than 2000$ if possible in NYC) If there are other suggestions of laptops please let me know Im not fixed on these options. thank you. L

Dell Dell MSI (the

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