Help with dead PC please

  X-Box 13:47 30 Aug 2004

My wife's brother recenly died, & my sister-in-law wants to use his PC.

Machine is a Tiny PII with 64mB ram running Win98SE

I know it was OK last time he used it.

When it is turned on, the power light comes on and the hard drive makes a brief noise as if is it about to boot but the HD light does not come on & all is then quiet apart fom the fan. No beeps at all.
Pressing the re-set button & power off buttons do nothing.

I've opened up the case, cleaned out the dust (!) and re-made all the power/data connections, but no difference.

Where do I begin to look for the problem or is it a lost cause?

Thanks in advance.

  jack 14:01 30 Aug 2004

You said " the only sound is the fan.
Which fan?
There are two 1 in power supply
1 on processor.

When you switch on does the screen runthough a lot data[this called P.O.S.T] then give a beep?
If it does not then the machine has mother board or memory fail problem.
When you checked it over were you proected again anti static discharge?
Open case again.
Take hold a metal part of chassis to balance your electric potential
and chech th MEMORY card it tight inits slot.
Then all the connections.

Report back

  Gongoozler 14:02 30 Aug 2004

Hi X-Box. This doesn't sound at all promising. Open the box again. Disconnect/remove everything from the motherboard exept the power supply connector, processor with heatsink, memory stick, graphics card, front panel connectors. Try starting it up again. If you still get no POST beep, remove the memory and graphics card. Try again. Still no beeps, then unplug the reset switch. Still no joy? Then you have a failed motherboard, processor or PSU. You can get a 300W PSU for about £5 click here, so this is the easiest thing to try. If that doesn't work, then either the motherboard or CPU has failed, and the only way to find out which is by substitution.

  961 14:21 30 Aug 2004

If your sister in law wants to retain the information within the system it is a good idea to proceed with some care

If it really did work ok last time and nothing drastic has been done to try to get it to work again, then it shouldn't take to much to get it going again, unless it has been left connected to mains and phone and has been damaged by an electrical storm

I would honestly suggest that the best solution would be to try to locate a recommended computer dealer nearby and let him have a look at it. This should not cost too much and may well produce a better result than evrybody having a fiddle

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