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  R.C.M. 13:49 18 May 2006

I don’t know what I’ve done wrong, sub folders which I’ve had customized are now just plain folders. Prior to this problem my folders in ‘my documents’ were all customized, as were all sub folders

Now , while the my document folders are still customized some of the sub folders have changed to plain folders ? I have tried:- right click/properties/ customize/chose picture/open/apply - but the folder remains plain. Can anyone understand what I’ve done wrong and how to get my sub folders back to the way I had them.

Many thanks

  ade.h 18:45 18 May 2006

This can often happen. The common explanation is that the folder cache is set too low (the default for pre-SP2 systems is 400, which is nowhere near enough. SP2 increased it).

But in my experience, and much to my annoyance, some folders can become inexplicably linked. For example, you make a new Photo Album folder and later find that other folders - including some system folders that are not customisable! - have mimicked it.

The first issue is easy to fix with TweakUI or a quick reg hack. The second issue takes a series of reg hacks after running a reg monitor, and others like it are trickier still.

  Joe R 20:45 18 May 2006


is it possible that, in the view menu, tiles has been reselected, instead of thumbnails.?

  R.C.M. 20:57 18 May 2006

Many thanks for your input - I could kick myself, the solution was so simple. I have spent most of the day trying to sort my problem without success - Joe R, two minutes after your post and my folders are back to normal. Thanks a lot to both of you - you must have a laugh at silly old farts like me who rely on the good folks like you on this forum to sort out their so called 'problems' - take care and thanks.

  Joe R 21:10 18 May 2006


it's a pleasure to help others, and the solution is only simple when you know the answer.

I had the exact same problem when i started customising folders originally, and also had to rely on the people in the forum, and still do at times.

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