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  Teasle 18:25 10 Dec 2003

I have been dabbling with web creation for a few months (click here)and would now like to put thumbnail photos on my pages so that when you click on them, a larger box appears with the enlarged photo which you can then click on the x to close. How do I go about this? Do I need special software or scripts? I use Fusion 4 to create my web pages and I have photoimpact 6 for editing my photos.
I welcome any comments from you all on how I go about this.

  Pesala 21:21 10 Dec 2003

I did this in Net Objects Fusion 4.0 click here

You can create the thumbnails from the photos with Irfan View click here to make them all the same width to fit neatly in a table. Then link each thumbnail to its own page like I have, or directly to the JPG file on your hard disk like this: click here

I chose the first method because I wanted to have some text to explain the image. The second method is simpler.

Irfan View can also create an HTML page of thumbnails linked to images, which you could link to your site. This approach would save time if you wanted to link hundreds of thumbnails because Irfan View does all of the hard work for you. click here to see an empty thumbnail page I produced in Irfan View. The links are all broken now as I deleted the images, but you can get the idea. One just selects the photographs in Irfan View's thumbnail browser, and tells it to create an HTML page with x columns of thumbnails.

  Teasle 16:32 11 Dec 2003

Thanks Persala. I am going to have a go using Net Objects Fusion 4.0. I had already found a neat piece of freeware click here to make the pictures the same size but I didn't know what to do with it. I think I was making it more complicated than it is.

  Pesala 18:05 11 Dec 2003

Is to create a popup window, but I think they are not advised because a lot of users have popups turned off. So that leaves two choices:

1. Link to a file on your hard disk and NOF will upload it for you to the right place. You will get a result like this: click here

2. Link to another page with the photo laid out as you like: NOF will create another HTML page like this: click here

From the link dialogue, for 1) choose file, for 2) choose an internal link.

  Teasle 19:56 11 Dec 2003

Thanks once again. It has taken a while but I have now got it sussed. I began before I read your last response so have created pop up windows using Fusion 4 and a lot of playing about. As you say I might have to review this.

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