Help Creating CD - Please

  Jada 20:39 04 Aug 2005

Hello there

Does anyone know how to create an audio disc made up from WMA files that can be played on a normal CD player. Is it possible? Or do the WMA files have to be converted into another format first?

Any info - (even if its just to tell me its impossible)would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance


  alB 20:57 04 Aug 2005

You need burning software like Nero, choose to make an Audio CD add your WMA,MP3 etc. tracks and they will be converted by the software automatically...alB

  Jada 22:10 04 Aug 2005

Thanks Alb

I have just tried what you said (using Nero) and it says the WMA file is protected and cannot be processed. What a con....I just put £20 of credit on my Wanadoo jukebox account thinking that I would be able to put them on CD disc and play them on my CD player downstairs. There is always a catch somewhere!!

Anyone know a way around it. I am not wanting to make pirate copies or anything, just play these files on my Hifi in my living room.

Thanks again


  Bapou 22:46 04 Aug 2005

click here Freeware, it converts your WMA tracks to MP3 or WAV. Nero should then copy to CD.

  mattyc_92 09:48 05 Aug 2005

Can you actually play the music files on your system (have you got the lisence(s) )?

If so, then you can use something like "Acoustica" to "record" the song and save it in *.mp3 format. You don't need a microphone as you can record sound directly from your system (as you here it from your speekers).

click here for Acoustica

PS. Please tick your other thread (click here)

  petescully 10:32 05 Aug 2005

Read PC Advisor Sept05 Page 26 - regarding DTCP - copy protection on media files on the internet.

From this - I'd guess if you can convert the file or record the file, maybe externally (as far as I know DTCP doesn't allow for copying or recording) and you'd probably be able to do anything you like with it.

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