Help creating an awkward .exe file please!

  Ben Avery 16:44 20 Oct 2003


I want to create an exe file which will install a active wallpaper for some friends. I have designed a slideshow in dreamweaver with a next & previous button on them to change the backdrop.


To install however, requires going through the motions of activating desktop, choosing webpage, making it full-screen etc etc. Instruction are (I believe) as below and form part of my exe files readme:

"Open the Control Panel.


Double click on "Display"

Choose the top tab named "Web"

Click on "New" button

Click on "Browse..." button

Select webpage image path:

C:Program Files/...(I've filled this in!)

Select the "elephants.html" file (this is usually a web page with a blue "E" for an icon - there will be several of these files)

Click "Open"

Click "OK"

Click "Apply"

Click "OK"

NOTE: If you get a warning message asking if you want to enable your active desktop, choose "Yes"

Now hover your mouse over the purple box with the buttons in it, which should appear on your desktop and 3 icons will appear in the top right corner of the box, (1) a rectangular box, (2) similar box with a line down the middle and (3) an "x"

Click on the 1st box.

You have now set up your interactive desktop!

To change the image, click on the forward button, to go back to the previous image select the backward button."


Is there a way of setting up the install so that it performs these operations for me?

Even better if there is a way of creating a "Restore" option in the program menu!

Anyone help on this?


  Ben Avery 19:01 20 Oct 2003


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