Help with CPU upgrade, pretty please?

  crawfyp1 09:40 08 Nov 2004

Hi all, wonder if someone can help? I have the following motherboard:

Columbia GX (GA-8SIML) Ver 1.0 µATX motherboard

Details at : click here

Currently running with 1.8 Celeron. According to the information at the above link, my board supports as follows:

CPU Support
Socket MPGA 478B.
Supports Intel P4 FC-PGA2 (0.18 Micron, 256 K cache, 400 MHz FSB), 1.4 to 2.4 GHz
Supports Intel P4 FC-PGA2 (0.13 Micron, 512 K cache, 400 MHz FSB), 1.8 to 2.4 GHz
Supports Intel Celeron FC-PGA2 (0.18 Micron, 128K cache 400 MHz FSB) 1.9 GHz
100 MHz (x4 = 400 MHz) data bus support (Quad-Bumped technology)

I am trying to find a p4 2.4 with 400 FSB/512 cache, but they seem to be rarer than hens teeth. Can anyone tell me why this is/where I can get one? Alternatively, if I went for a p4 2.0 400/512 would I still get good improvement over the Celeron? These seem to be easier to find. Apologies for long winded post, hope someone manages to reply before dying of boredom while reading!


  Noelg23 10:08 08 Nov 2004

how about you try click here they may have them but I dont really use Pentium at cant give more info...sorry...

  crawfyp1 10:23 08 Nov 2004

Thanks noelg23, have tried most of my usual sources already, ebuyer, dabs, overclockers and more but no luck. Thanks for post.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:32 08 Nov 2004
  crawfyp1 10:39 08 Nov 2004

thanx fruit bat, but can only find 533 fsb for 2.4 p4, not 400 fsb. This is my problem, as I think my board will only support 400 fsb, or am I being stupid, this is possible you know.

  TomJerry 10:51 08 Nov 2004

but they are Celeron (cut down version of P4), not real P4. I do not if there is any 400fsb P4 around.

2.7GHz Intel Celeron® CPU 128K Cache * S478 * OEM click here

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