HELP! Copies of copies Taking over my computer!

  [email protected] 09:22 12 Oct 2004

I decided to clean up my hard drive and copy my files on to CD (contemplating SP2!) For some reason as I delete files thety are reproducing themselves as copies. I have copies of copies and I have copies (9) All I want to do is reatin the original file and ditch the copies as I delete they reproduce I'm drowning ! Help!

  [email protected] 09:42 12 Oct 2004

BTW by doing a file search for the word Copy I have delighted over 1000 files. I'm using Nortin Virus protection which is up to date- have I set the pc back up wrongly or is there a more serious problem? Only seems to have occured after I tried to copy files to CD using Pinnacle Instant Write software.

  [email protected] 09:42 12 Oct 2004

I may have delighted the files but what I actually did is delete them :)

  Sethhaniel 09:47 12 Oct 2004

by dragging and dropping - sometimes if the destination is for some reason not available it will copy the files instead into the same or different location - also if you were to press CTR key as you dragged they would copy instead of move

  [email protected] 09:49 12 Oct 2004

AHA! I was holding CTRL to select the billions of files. So I have to copy each document individually?(& check out destination first?)

  VoG II 09:51 12 Oct 2004

No, just take your finger off the CTRL key before dragging the files elsewhere.

  hector710 09:52 12 Oct 2004

I use XP home with IE 6. When using sites like E-bay, and using the search engine, if I type in, for example "s", I am given all examples of previous searches beginning with "s". what is the best way of getting rid of these?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:54 12 Oct 2004

Hover your cursor over each entry and hit 'delete'.


  [email protected] 10:20 12 Oct 2004

Thanks VOg I see now how I wa sspawning millions of files- it was scary !!
BTW is adaware the best freebie for spy checking my pc?

  VoG II 10:23 12 Oct 2004

Ad-aware is good but also get Spybot click here - they each spot things that the other misses.

  Catastrophe 10:26 12 Oct 2004


I was using Ad-aware with Ad-watch. Then I tried Spybot Search and Destroy and it found loads Ad-aware had missed. Now I use both and also Spyware Doctor. Spyware Doctor was not free but it found one or two nasties the othes missed.

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