HELP! Constant running fan normal for laptops?

  I_AM_CANADIAN 21:21 27 Mar 2003

All you computer gurus please lend this newbie some help. I just bought a laptop, Advent 7012 with 2.6GHz P4 (PC World, UK) where the cooling fan is awlays on, even at low processing or idle conditions. Is this normal? Its very irritating and may return it due to this. Ive owned 2 other laptops (with 1.0GHz Celeron and 1.4GHz P4) in which the fan olny kicked in during high processing. Basically I want to know if this is normal for this speed of processors, and perhaps if there is a way to change it, if its safe. Any info is much appreciated.


  muppetmark 21:26 27 Mar 2003

my advent 6416 1ghz celeron laptop has the fan on constantly, the speed of the fan increases according to the load on the cpu,
high load=higher temp=faster speed

  Big Elf 21:37 27 Mar 2003

It is probably due to the fact that the CPU is designed for a desktop PC rather than a laptop and has very high cooling requirements. My 1GHz laptop has an AMD Mobile CPU and the fan usually starts after 20 minutes use then stops and starts every few minutes after that. When the fan does run it's annoyingly noisy.

  Belatucadrus 01:16 28 Mar 2003

My FIC laptop CPU Type Mobile AMD K6-2, 300 MHz has a cooling fan on all the time, but it is very quiet and doesn't bug me.

  Taran 01:50 28 Mar 2003

These days most notebook fans only come into play during heavy task load or over long periods of use. There are exceptions of course.

As Big Elf points out, you may find that the processor on your notebook is in fact a desktop CPU, rather than a dedicated mobile processor, in which case it will be drawing far more current and pumping out far more heat than it otherwise might.

Unless the machine is malfunctioning, I doubt that you have a case for returning the notebook based on a constantly active cooling fan.

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