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Help connecting PC to PC via Hardwire

  David Morgan 16:29 16 Nov 2019

I currently have a PC that i use primarily for editing my photo's, several TB's of them. My current PC has several drives in it as i do have a lot of photo's and documents. I would like to connect another PC (i have one in my office that i want to use) to my current PC, i guess via hardwire. I can put the extra or new PC next to my current one so they will be side by side. I would like to use my current keyboard and monitors to look at the New PC when connected. How do i connect the 2 PC's ? Thank you. Dave

  wee eddie 18:33 16 Nov 2019

I would guess that you are online with a Router connected.

The easy way would be to set up a Homeplug system similar to this TP link - other versions are available

  csqwared 19:14 16 Nov 2019

There is also a KVM switch. It enables the operation of two or more computers from one keyboard, mouse and monitor, using one now between a Linux machine and Windows 10.

See here-:

KVM Switch

or Google 'KVM Switch' - loads of sources and info.

  David Morgan 19:26 16 Nov 2019

Thank you both very much, I have used T Plink in the past to boost WiFi signal and was not impressed but thank you. The KVM switch, MMmmm not sure about this, I would like to look at the C:/ on the "Remote" PC from my existing PC just as i look at the other drives on my current PC, is this possible ? Thank you Dave

  csqwared 19:31 16 Nov 2019

A KVM switch won't do that (I don't think). It just allows you to have both machines running at the same time and easily swop, by switching the feed of monitor,keyboard,mouse between the two.

  x13 20:17 16 Nov 2019
  David Morgan 20:22 16 Nov 2019

Thank's to everyone. I will persevere. Dave

  Brian Hamilton 20:28 16 Nov 2019

The above will entail you installing a additional Ethernet Card into your existing PC.

The easiest way if you are placing two PC's side by side is to add a Network Switch. That way both PC's will have access to the Internet if you require and you can share they're local drives.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:00 17 Nov 2019

if you are putting them near the router then just connect an ethernet cable to each from the router and enable sharing on the folders you want each computer to see.

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