HELP!! connected but cant load any web pages

  willymagic 08:14 01 Jun 2006

Hi there,

i have a netgear dg834g adsl router and its been fantastic for 6 months, however yesterday while i was surfing and everything was great i had a power cut, when the power came back on 30 mins later i logged on as usual and it says im connected at 100 mbps which it always does however when i try to surf the web it wont load any web pages, when i look at the properties in the activity bit the packets sent and recieved goes up in tens, when they normaly go up in thousands! this is obviously the reason but i dont know why its done this!

this is doing my head in! i can only come on here on dial up!! any help would be MUCH appreciated!

many thanks in advance

  dms05 09:52 01 Jun 2006

Try going to All Connections, highlight your LAN connection, right click and from the drop down menu select 'Repair'.

  mgmcc 11:01 01 Jun 2006

You might also have to "hard reset" the Modem/Router back to factory default settings and configure it again from scratch.

  willymagic 11:10 01 Jun 2006

thanks DMs05, have tried that already but no joy, also MGMCC i have pressed the reset button to factory settings and had no luck with that either! bloody dial up, took me 10 times to connect!!

  willymagic 11:53 01 Jun 2006

** not sure if this is any help to anyone but on the netgear settings under router settings when i click on connection status it says the following **

connecting to server failed
Negotiation - LCP down
Authentication - CHAP authentication failed

  dms05 15:22 01 Jun 2006

If you've reset the Router have you entered all the data again (you should be back a factory default ie as it was when it was purchased).

  willymagic 15:48 01 Jun 2006

hi dms05, if you mean have i entered all the data again as in my isp username and password then yes i have and still nothing happeneing.. so bloody annoying as it says im connected as usual but still wont load any web pages!!

  rsinbad 15:52 01 Jun 2006

click here see if this helps

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