Help! Confused with AVG 8 Internet Security!!

  Sabi 15:41 25 Apr 2008


I have installed a proper (not free version) of AVG 8 Internet Security in my laptop.

I use to have "Zone Alarm Internet Security Suit" for the last 3 years. It was OK. However I decided to go for a different AV this year and changed to AVG.

I found the software a bit confusing though! For instance:
Every time I switched on the computer a window appeared for "AVG Firewall profile switch” Underneath the title there was a space for put in a new area!!! in "new or unassigned network was detected"
In the same window there was options to choose a profile: “Allow all”, “Block all” or ”Standard computer” Either of the profile I clicked on, it asked to put the new area in first!! As I didn't have a clue what they were for, I clicked on “disabled dialog for assigning new area”

I also have noticed that my computer (laptop) have gone extremely slow since the installation of the software!!! Plus my cursor is flickering too fast!
I have run CCleaner, Ad-Aware 2007 already to get some speed back but it didn't make a difference. Does AVG suppose to slow down the computer???

I will be grateful for your advice on the above matters.

Many thanks

I use Windows XP, AVG 8 IS, Ad-aware 2007

  iscanut 15:48 25 Apr 2008

If you have only one pc, choose "Standalone computer". Have you completely uninstalled Zone Alarm ?

  Sabi 16:28 25 Apr 2008

Thans for your reply.

Yes, I have uninstalled Zone Alarm completely. I even run search to find any other files under ZA and it didn't.
You said I should choose "Standalone computer" (my apology for mis-spelling the word before)when I do that, it ask me to put a new area in
"new or unassigned network was detected" which I don't know what that is!

  iscanut 17:16 25 Apr 2008

I have AVG on a desktop so will have a look at the set up later and get back to you if I can provide an answer. Anyone else using AVG come across this ?

  FreeCell 18:07 25 Apr 2008

AVG 8.0 shouldn't be slowing down your PC. I have it installed on XP and no noticable performance issue, certainly no "flickering cursor".

On the other issue of the profile switch I suggest you should best assign the new network it has found to a profile. (Is the network a connection to a modem/router perhaps.)My set up is perhaps different as I have network drives but I have assigned it to Computer in Domain profile. Assigning to Home or Small Office profiles meant I couldn't access the shared network drive.

  crosstrainer 18:11 25 Apr 2008

Check control panel / security and make sure you are not running two firewalls

  fifty-and-some 18:35 25 Apr 2008

I have upgraded to fully paid AVG8, since when I have experienced numerous small niggly hard to define problems.

Mainly email checker.
Download speed.
Failure of sites to download, requiring reload.

  daba 23:22 25 Apr 2008

I've been running AVG 8.0 since April 1st. Just updataed it to 8.0.93. No problems seen yet.

  iscanut 11:10 26 Apr 2008

Have just had another look at my set up and all I did was assign my name nuts as the new area name. Also the new AVG 8 is fast and does not slow me down at all.

  FreeCell 11:19 26 Apr 2008

Problems I have had/am having with V8.0.93 Internet Security:

Email Scanner shows as "In Active" despite being activated in settings. Was okay on install repair yesterday but on system restart this morning back to inactive.

Update seems to be not working. Think it's somehow connected to above problem.

Couldn't successfully uninstall yesterday. If problems continue then will try again in safe mode.

Windows Live Messenger does not sign in on my account if Web Shield Instant Messaging Protection is activated, but will with another account. Awaiting response from Grisoft Technical Support.

Not too impressed so far and will certainly not install on other PCs unless solutions found to current issues.

  cocteau48 11:44 26 Apr 2008

If you have a little time to spare then have a read at some of the threads of the AVG Forum.
click here

There are a lot of unhappy folks out there regarding the new version.

Its overbloated/has features that you do not necessarily want but that cannot be turned off/has conflicts with other antispyware programs/slows down your machine and more!

I know that the moderators on that forum do not officially represent AVG but the general attitude seems to be that you should put 100% reliance on this one program and get rid of your other security products or even - hey it's free - take it or leave it - do not gripe about it.

IMHO ... not particularly clever.

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