Help computer won't boot

  Newuser356 14:20 15 Oct 2003

I've recently deleted and reinstalled Windows98.
However,on rebooting,a page of script listing Voltage Items detected, high limit,low limit,CPU fan RPM :0 and a message reading 'System hardware abnormal,press any key to continue....'appeared but nothing happened when I pressed a key.
I can hear the HDD spinning.
Any ideas anyone....?
My machine runs on a Pentium III 500mhz processor and has 2 hard drives,the original 8g and a later fitted 20g

  PA28 14:26 15 Oct 2003

Need a bit more detail here, but firstly strip the system back to the absolute minimum that you need to run - take out all non-essentials such as soundcards. Make sure all cables correctly connected and no shorts anywhere (check mobo mounts, etc). Try min configuration and work up from there.

Now, why did you have to reinstall Windows? Did you have any hardware out of the case at all? This sounds to me like a hardware problem at the moment, and that cannot be caused by removal of software! We need the whole story Newuser356...

  PA28 14:28 15 Oct 2003

.. oh, and just one hard drive (the one with the .sys files on and with the pins set to Master) until you get going please.

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