HELP! computer turns off by itself then fans rev max rpm

  dhalluk 15:00 05 Nov 2014

Hi all, basically yesterday i had this problem start with my PC. The pc turns itself off completley by itself, then when i turn it back on my monitor doesnt pick up a signal from my gpu and the fans rev at what sounds like max rpm. It will keep doing this until i leave it for a considerable amount of time then it will boot as normal and do the same thing all over again. I have already checked for dust in my rig which there seems to be none really (definatley not enough to cause over heating) i am not on the pc long enough for it to overheat due to the processes i put it through as most the time i just about get to the desktop screen when it turns off. This leads me to beliveve it must be a virus or somthing is wrong with one of my drivers or software but how can i fix this if i can't actually get onto my pc? Thanks to all that read and any help will be much appreiciated

p.s my pc has a i5 processor, a nvidia geforce gtx 770 gpu, 8gb of kingston RAM and a 750 watt psu

  rdave13 15:06 05 Nov 2014

Possibly the thermal paste between the heat sink and CPU has deteriorated.

  dhalluk 15:17 05 Nov 2014

ok i'll go and check that now, thanks for the suggestion

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:22 05 Nov 2014

more likely a layer of fluff between fan and heatsink

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