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  Darboa 22:02 08 Jul 2009


Basically, I've had a standard PC for years, and it's time to upgrade. I would like to know if these parts would work together.

I would greatly appreciate feedback on these selected items.

Processor (CPU) - Intel® Core™2 Duo E8400 (3.00GHz) 1333MHz FSB/6MB L2 Cache


Motherboard - ASUS® P5QL: DDR2, SATAII, PCI-e x16, 3 PCI, 2 x PCI-e x1

Hard Disk - 250GB SERIAL ATA 3-Gb/s HARD DRIVE WITH 8MB CACHE (7,200rpm)


Power Supply & Case Cooling - 700W Quiet Quad Rail PSU + 120mm Case Fan

These items come to around £423. I would like to use the PC for medium to high gaming (WoW, CoD4, L4D) and also just have a generally fast PC. (I already have an operating system, keyboard, mouse and monitor)

If this is in the wrong forum, I ask that a moderator please move to the appropriate one.

Thanks in advance for the help.

  ashleycardwell94 00:01 09 Jul 2009

You firstly need to check if the CPU is compatible for the motherboard you have chosen.

some motherboards are specialy made for intel or amd and can vary in the processors the can handle.

soncondly you need to check if the RAM you are thinking of using will fit into the slots on the motherboard and if the the motherboard can handle this ammount of memory.

thirdly ( is that even a word???) the graphics card. oh joy.

All motherboards have a PCI express port on them unless you buy them for £5.

"Power Supply & Case Cooling - 700W Quiet Quad Rail PSU + 120mm Case Fan"
this power supply might have a 20 or a 24 pin connector.

this is nothing to worry about unless you buy a motherboard with only take 20 pin. most of the new motherboards can take a 24 pin connector but the PSU that you are thinking might have a 2 pin connector. this is nothing to worry about because most motherboards with take 20 or 24 pin connectors. the PSU should be perfect for the power output you will be getting. make sure that the PSU that you get has a special connector for SATA hard drives because it may only have IDE power cables in this case you will need to buy some. they are not expensive. hopefully you do know but also when you will buy the CPU, you should also get a CPU Fan as well, be sure to use the thermal glue type thing to help conduct theheat from the CPU to the cooler.

try and use all of the power sockets for the motherboard that the psu provides to optimize performance. on my desktop, it has the initial 24 pin main power connector and it also has a 4 pin second input from the psu to the motherboard.

If you ask me the system should work together no problem.

email me when you do this and tell me how you got on.

email:[email protected]

  Sea Urchin 00:07 09 Jul 2009

Certainly more so than soncondly :@)

But seriously - why on earth publish your email address on a widely read forum? That's what the yellow envelope beside your name is for.

Stand by for spam.

  OTT_Buzzard 00:39 09 Jul 2009

Hi Darboa

There shouldn't be any problem with the components fitting together, but be very wary of PSU's supplied with a case. They tend to be less than satisfactory performers.

The real question though is, are you getting best value for money?

Think about going for an SLi / Crossfire compatible motherboard. Possibly the P5N-D for SLi or P5QL-E for Crossfire. This will allow for more cost effective upgrades in the future.

Think about increasing your RAM speed to 1066MHz instead of 800MHz. There is a negligable cost difference but it will allow for better overclocking headroom if you go down that route in the future.

Your grpahics choice is SLi ready and reasonably priced.

With the personal advice (and it is only my personal advice) is that Core 2 Duo's are rapidly becoming obsolete for gaming desktops. Core 2 Quad's are the way forward. The processing speeds and FSB may look slower but software is quickly coming about that is properly threaded to utilise 4 processing cores. In the next year or two I reckon even a current mid range quad will outperform a high end dual core on latest software.

A 500GB hard drive again, has a minimal cost increase to 250GB.

I'll work out a couple of build costs later on and post back.


  OTT_Buzzard 01:08 09 Jul 2009

M3N-HT Deluxe: 98.85
Core 2 Quad Q8200: 126.63
4GB OCZ 1066MHz RAM (lifetime warranty): 39.97
9600GT 512MB PCIe: 57.76
Antec 300 Case: 43.72
700W OCZ PSU, SLi ready (3 yr warranty): 78.49

Total: 445.42 inc VAT, ex works.

All priced from Shop around, there may be better deals available.

  sharpamat 09:48 09 Jul 2009

Looking at prices I always have doubts on building a system. you stste you already have an OP but is this a full one which you could legaly ransfer of an OEM which I have doubts on.this could add another £100

there are many high performance systems ( both Base, and complete ) with a 64 bit OS ( many with option now for upgrade to Win 7 when realeased ).
for an equal or lower price

  ztronicsalien 11:58 09 Jul 2009

To me these look fine just check the CPU compatibility with these parts before hand.

use refurbished gaming laptops to save money

  I am Spartacus 13:35 09 Jul 2009

If you are planning on overclocking then that board isn't very good according to the reviews and will only take a E8400 to around 3.7-3.8GHz.

The P5Q Pro click here would be a better bet.

  Darboa 17:18 09 Jul 2009

Thanks for the help so far, I actually changed the hard drive for a 150TB one because a friend told me to get a 32MB cache one.

Regarding overclocking and gaming; I'm probably not going to overclock as I don't think I'll need to.

Games wise, I rarely buy any new PC games as I have an Xbox360 so really I would be playing older games or ones with less demand on graphics.

So considering that, it looks like the setup I posted should have absolutely no troubles? I will however take a look at the setup someone posted above me as its only 20 or so pounds more and has a quad core.

I wish I knew more about this stuff

  Darboa 17:25 09 Jul 2009

I noticed that the setup doesn't include any hard disks.

  Darboa 17:29 09 Jul 2009

I found a website that will put these parts together for me, and while I was hoping that this would just arrive at my house fully working (apart from having a formatted HD) I couldn't help but consider what an above posted said about thermal paste and a CPU fan.

It doesn't include either, should I be worried about this? Would they send out a non-working system?

(site in question is

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