Help With Computer Graphics Needed

  Battle Turtle 14:28 03 Dec 2014

Hey guys I was thinking about upgrading my graphics card so I can play some of the new games that have released so I have a couple of questions. So I'm looking for a graphics card that would be able to let's say play AC Unity at max settings what graphics card should I be looking for? When I do upgrade my graphics card how to do I actually do it? When I get my new graphics card can I still use my old one alongside the new one? Finally I wanted to play the new Dragon Age but my graphics card isn't good enough for the recommended but for minimal specs would I be able to play the game without many problems? Thanks for you time. Specs GTX 750, i7-4770, 8Gb Ram and 1TB HD.

  chub_tor 14:33 03 Dec 2014

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