Help coming out of hibernation

  hawthorn59 01:55 02 Dec 2011

Hi Folks!

Title obviously refers to laptop not me!(most of the time anyway!)

I have just freshly installed windows 7 (wiped old drive and installed). Since that I notice when I close the lid on the laptop (as I sometimes do) leaving it in hibernation, I have to press on the on/off button to get it back afterwards (ie when resume by opening the lid). Prior to this I used to just have to hit any key. What has changed I wonder?

Also 2nd question while Im here....

It could be my imagination, but I dont see any improvement in performance/speed since the re-install. If anything at times it seems a little slow. Of course it could be the internet, as that is mainly what I use it for. Is there a way online of checking the performance of the laptop?

Sony Vaio, Pentium Dual, 4 gig ram, 500 gig HD; Windows 7.



  Strawballs 04:08 02 Dec 2011

As for the speed if you did a sony restore factory settings you have probably got all the sony junk (bloatware) that comes with a new machine.

  rdave13 04:38 02 Dec 2011

Try this, go to control panel and in 'View by large icons' (top right) find and select keyboard. Select the hardware tab then properties. Under power management tick the box for ' allow this device to wake the computer'.

  birdface 08:40 02 Dec 2011

Check for driver updates no doubt there will be quite a few.

And if you have downloaded all Microsoft updates including SP1 maybe a defrag might help.

Stop anti-virus programs running at start up reset them to a different time.

And go to msconfig and stop all programs from running that are not needed at start up.

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