Help with Cloning laptop Hard drive

  Demora 10:59 25 Jun 2007


I have a Toshiba Satelite A60 Laptop and thios has a 40 gig hdd. I Have purchased a 120 gig Hdd and rather than running it via the USB I would prefer to swap the drive and use the 40 gig as the backup.

With this being a laptop I'm a bit unsure of just how to go about this.

I have Acronis true image 8. BUT this doesn't mention the NTFS file system.

The more I read the manual yesterday, the more confused I got.

I also have a usb external drive of some 300gigs and also a box to put a laptop drive into.

Any help and advice please.


  Batch 12:03 25 Jun 2007

You could partition the external (120GB) drive into more than one partition and put the Acronis image (of the 40GB drive) on the one of these.

Also create an Acronis boot CD (from within Acronis).

Then swap the drives and boot from the CD.

You should then be able to restore the image on the 120GB to the (an)other partition (as active, primary) on the same drive.

If you don't have partitioning software, you may be able to achieve similar effect with Acronis's Secure Zone (which is a hidden partition) if it will allow you to put it on the 120GB whislt it is still the external drive.

  Eric10 13:22 25 Jun 2007

Or you could create the image on your 300GB external drive and then swap laptop drives and recover the image onto the 120GB drive after booting from the Acronis Boot CD. Going from memory, I am fairly sure that you will be asked at some stage if you want to resize the partition or not. 'YES' will use the whole 120GB as your new C: drive. 'NO' will keep the C: drive at 40GB and leave the rest of the drive free for use as another partition.

Another way would be to mount the 120GB drive into a USB housing and use the Clone option in Acronis, giving the 40GB drive as source and the 120GB as destination. The same options on partition resizing will apply.

  Demora 08:40 26 Jun 2007

I had thought of your 2nd option Eric 10. Obviously I'd have to format the 120gig first. But the version of Acronis True image 8 mentions nothing in the manual about NTFS.

I suppose after I have done the 'cloning' I could convert the drive to the NTFS format.


  Batch 09:50 26 Jun 2007

I use True Image 8 and all my systems use NTFS only.

BTW, apologies if my earlier reply was confusing. I mis-read your original posting.

  Eric10 10:15 26 Jun 2007

Cloning doesn't care what the format is and I don't think the destination drive needs pre-formatting either. The source drive is copied section by section so all data and formatting information is copied across.

  Demora 13:02 26 Jun 2007

Sounds great.....less work for me.

Thanks for all the help.

I'll let you know how I get on later.


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