Help with clock/radio with iPod

  Housten 16:19 13 Jun 2012

Good afternoon,

It doesn’t matter which forum I use I will get this in the wrong one, and if someone can tell me which – other – forum I should use, I would be very grateful.

What I want is a clock/radio with an iPod dock. Sounds simple doesn’t it? But I have been getting to the hair pulling stage because when you look at various ones they can give technical details ‘till the cows come home, but if you do not fully understand these you are still lost!

Most of these have a ‘snooze’ facility, which means – at least as I understand it – that you can switch this on and after a certain time it will switch itself off. Just what I want, but what it doesn’t tell you is if the iPod on it will be switched off as well! My iPod has in-ear – at least I think that is what they are called – and I would like the snooze button to switch off the iPod and the earphones are connected to the clock/radio so that I can go to sleep listening to my favourite orchestral music and even if the iPod isn’t switched off the earphones are.

If anyone knows where you can get such information, or where to ask for it, I would be very grateful. The range of these is baffling, never mind the cost, but it is driving me mad going through all of them, and some of them don’t even seem to list everything they could ( can? ) do!! I know I will put this in the wrong forum, but if I could be told where to find the information I would be very, very grateful.

Many, many thanks in advance.

  john bunyan 16:39 13 Jun 2012

I can strongly recommend the Roberts iDream. Here it is at John Lewis:


It has DAB and FM Radio, an iPod dock. It has two alarms - I set one for weekdays and the other for weekends (you can also just set it for one day),there are 3 settings for the display so at night it is unobtrusive. You can set it to wake you to either iPod, DAB or FM radio.It has a snooze function but more to give you a bit more sleep in the morning. I will have to read the manual re snoozing at night. Some mat find the price at £75 or£76 a bit high, but it is well worth it. I did a lot of homework before selecting it. Do come back for more info.BTW it keeps time from DAB so is dead accurate and knows when BST starts)

  john bunyan 16:44 13 Jun 2012

It does have a sleep function and headphone and Aux inputs. See:

Roberts iDream

  john bunyan 16:51 13 Jun 2012

A bit from theSleep function Your clock radio can be set to turn off after a preset time has elapsed. The sleep setting can be adjusted between 5 and 90 minutes in 5 minute increments. Ensure your clock radio is switched On. 1. When using your radio, press the Sleep button. "SLEEP" appears on the display. 2. Repeatedly press the Sleep button to select desired sleep time. The sleep setting will increase in 5 minute increments from 5 minutes up to 90 minutes. A further press will cause the sleep timer to be set to OFF which will cancel the sleep function. 3. The display will show the sleep timer setting then exit the sleep options. The sleep symbol will show on the display. 4. Your clock radio will switch off after the preset sleep time has elapsed. 5. To cancel the sleep timer and switch of your radio before the chosen sleep time has elapsed, press the On / Standby button. To cancel the sleep timer without switching off your radio, repeatedly manual:

  Housten 17:22 14 Jun 2012

john bunyan,

Many apologies for takeing so long to reply, I have had a nightmare of a day!!

All that information is just what I was looking for, but there is one question I would like an answer to, which I think you may have already indirectly answered! Does this 'Sleep' switch off the iPod as well? It's just that there are some radio programmes to listen to, but in many ways I prefer to listen to orchestral music on my iPod, and I am not sure - from what you have said - if the iPod gets switched off when the 'Sleep' mode switches off. If you have any information on this I would be very grateful.

Many, many thanks for - all 3 - your replies.

  john bunyan 18:25 14 Jun 2012

Housten The pdf manual is on my second link. I think it does and will try it for you soon.

  john bunyan 18:42 14 Jun 2012


Just tested with a 5 minutes (adjustable to 90 in 5 min steps) snooze with iPod. Worked fine; iPod turned off with Dock. I will let you know tomorrow if it wakes me with the FM radio as usual, or with the iPod (last function used). To set alarm you usually have the function on that you wish to be woken with , so if it does indeed revert to FM radio I will be more impressed than ever! BTW when it wakes you, the sound comes up gradually, not with a roar.

  john bunyan 07:51 15 Jun 2012


It woke me to the Today programme. Therefore it fulfils all your criteria. Sleep and wake to any function - i Player, DAB or FM.Sorry about the price, but worth it. Suggest you ask FE to transfer this to Consumer Watch if you want more input.

  Housten 12:49 15 Jun 2012

john bunyan,

Many, many thanks for all your help. This is far more than I was wxpecting and it has been extremely helpful. I am extremely grateful for everything.

  john bunyan 18:06 15 Jun 2012

No problem. If you buy one, let us know. If this is finished, maybe you could give it a green tick on the right. I do not think there are many other clock radio iPod docks with all the features you need.

  Housten 16:12 13 Jul 2012

john bunyan,

Good Afternoon,

I finally took the plunge with the Phollips AJ3270D/05. It seems to have what I want, and I found it in various places. For instance Amazon where I have - which I had always thought was good at pricing but they wanted over £60 - literally just checked and price is now £57.49!!! - whereas direct from Phillips it was £39.99!! OK they added p&p, but still well under Amazon and most others!! It has made me realise that it is well worth checking not just for utilities and the like but anything on the web.

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