Help with choosing new PC

  scott26985 16:43 29 Jan 2007

Help with choosing new PC

Hay all,

I’m looking into upgrading my laptop. It’s becoming too slow and the memory is now too small for its use. I’m thinking of going for a desktop as I basically use my laptop as the desktop pc anyway (I’ve got a separate keyboard, monitor as I hate laptop monitors, mouse etc..)

I’ve never brought a pc myself (first one was a gift and second I got free from uni). I’m just basically looking for some advice and a good place to buy from. I will spend up to £500 I think.

Here is what I will be using it for:

First off I want the most up to date Operating System as I can’t stand upgrading the software. I want it to last for at lest 2-3 years or so. I’ve heard of something called Vista but I’ve no idea if it’s the new XP or what.

I will be doing all the basics (word processing including dictation, Internet, spreadsheets etc..)

I download a lot of music and movies and play games so I think I’ll need a big memory. My current one is 60GB and it’s really no use anymore. Some of the average files I download now are 1GB or so.

I also want to play DVDs on it but more importantly I want to be able to burn CDs and DVDs. I also want to edit video and create them into DVDs not just files. My current pc seems to only be able to burn VCDs and CD-RWs. I’ve no idea why.

I also will do a lot of photo editing etc.. so a I’m guessing some kind of multi-media package would be a good idea.

My old Pc is part of a wireless network and has an inbuilt wireless card. I’m guessing I’ll need the same again.

Thanks for your help.

  keef66 17:34 29 Jan 2007

Yes, Vista is the new XP, available any minute now. It comes in different versions with different price tags; Home Premium is the version which will suit most home users.

Have a browse around sites like Dell, Evesham, Scan, Novatech, Mesh. See what you could get for your £500 now. Since you don't need the monitor etc, you should get a decent base unit for that. Then make your final choice when Vista arrives.

I'd recommend a Core 2 Duo processor, 1gb of memory, (you appear to be confusing memory with hard disk size in your post), a 250 GB or bigger hard drive, two optical drives (DVD-ROM amd a DVD writer) and a decent graphics card. How good a graphics card you choose depends on whether you plan to play very recent game titles, and it will also be affected by your budget.

  scott26985 18:24 29 Jan 2007

Dell ssems to be good at talking me into buying thing I don't need. This PC looks good (below). Do you think its woule suit my needs?

My only consern is software. Do Pcs some with muti-media software? eg. DVD writering software, photo editing ect..


click here

  keef66 20:23 29 Jan 2007

Looks OK to me. If you're serious about gaming, upgrade it to at least the 7600gs graphics card. You can afford to add that and the wireless LAN adapter if you deselect the monitor which you say you don't need.

I'm sure if you get a dvd writer you get the software for it. Photo editing I think you'll need your own software (or use the basic windows one, which may be ok in Vista, I don't know)

Not sure what else Mesh install as standard

For antivirus software when the free period with Bullguard comes to an end, uninstall it and download AVG free from

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