Help with Choice of WEBCAM please

  [DELETED] 11:25 02 Dec 2003

I need to get a webcam to set up a video link with our Grandaughter in who is living in Oman. The Oman end is sorted but I need advice on the cam to buy.
I am running XP and am on broad band. I would be using MSN Messenger to communicate. Anyone who has experience of these things please pass it on.
I looked in PCWorld this morning and the choice is vast with prices from £17.00 to £90.00, so HELP.

  [DELETED] 11:31 02 Dec 2003

The cam i use is the Logitech 4000 pro, It has got 1.3 megapixel, basicly meaning that the quality is the best i have seen for a web cam. And another bonus is that the cam has a built in micropohne that is decent quality too. The price is around 60-70. well worth the money on the quality of the picture.

  [DELETED] 11:45 02 Dec 2003

Crikey that was fast. Thanks for your response. I looked at that one in PC World this morning but their price was £90 if I remember correctly.
I will start doing a search for better price on the net. Thanks. Any other opinions please.

  [DELETED] 11:50 02 Dec 2003
  johnnyrocker 11:52 02 Dec 2003

i currently use a philips toucam which has been excellent, msn messenger might give you problems with either sound/vision or both depending on your isp yahoo messenger however presents no problems at all including file/photo sharing. there is a new philips cam just out and i am thinking of treating myself for xmas it is the philips toucam pro 11 (2) dabs do it for £57.67


  sil_ver 11:55 02 Dec 2003

I bought a Labtec cam from Tesco £19.99. I've used it with MSM no problem. Pretty basic but does the job

  [DELETED] 12:03 02 Dec 2003

yeh the cam i paid like £70 for it like 5 months ago. There are many places you could find the cam for cheaper then £90 pc world is always more expensive. but i would recomend this cam because its very good check reviews for the cam. u wont be dissapointed because of the 1.3 megapixel i havent seen another cam with the same resoloution.

  johnnyrocker 12:06 02 Dec 2003

have alook at the philips toucam pro 2 the spec is amazing.


  Audeal 14:23 02 Dec 2003

johnnyrocker. I have the Philips Toucam as well and I have the same trouble with the sound on MS Messenger whereas it works perfectly with YaHoo Messenger

  [DELETED] 14:30 02 Dec 2003

Philip's TOUCAM for me also, it has a 60 fps as with most others only have 30 fps,and also i have no problems using yahoo or eyeball,voice /audio with msn can be tricky,not available in all parts as yet.

  johnnyrocker 14:41 02 Dec 2003

yep and sound results with msn strangely enough can depend on isp and connection etc


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