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  komondor 16:19 04 Jun 2017

I host 3 different domains with a company called Gradwell Communications, whilst my broadband ISP service is with Zen Internet. Gradwell have been losing / bouncing e-mails to me for three weeks so after umpteen attempts by them to resolve this I asked Zen to set up a Hosting package. They did this and I have succeeded, God knows how given my total lack of IT knowledge, in setting up FTP to each of the three domains. I also set up for mail to all 3 domains to go to my Zen e-mail address. However Zen say I need to either change "MX" records myself or ask Gradwell to do this, to point to Zen's server. Gradwell are now not responding to my e-mails, so I looked at doing it myself, expecting a single MX record, whatever that may be, but in the Gradwell Control Panel I see there are quite a lot. Can anyone tell me what I need to change, delete or make inoperative so no mail goes through Gradwell's server, but goes straight to Zen's please? This is what Zen say in the blurb when I set up the hosting package. As I paid for a years hosting with Gradwell the domains remain there for now (I think...).


For help with using the domain tools please follow our tutorial - click here Pointing a domain held with another host?

a) Instruct your ISP to point your domain's web and email records to

b) If adding aliases follow our tutorial - click here note that for domains held with other hosting companies, e-mail will not be virus scanned.


Attached is a screen shot of the complicated looking Gradwell stuff in my Control panel there. If you think i should leave it alone and wait for Gradwell to communicate and get them to do it please say so! Thanks! A link to a screeshot of the existing M records is at click here

3) Please

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