Help - CD-RW Has Just Died

  Fastflys 00:19 02 Aug 2005

My packet written [Direct CD/Drag To Disk] CD-RW has just died.

Placed CD-RW into CD-ROM drive and 99% of my folders containing numerous files have disappeared. I have not deleted them. The disk still shows the same Used/Unused space ratio indicating that all my data is still there.

Similar CD-RWs inserted into the same drive are OK.

Is there any way of recovering the Folders/Files on this CD-RW?

  ACOLYTE 00:38 02 Aug 2005

Did you create a multisession disk? sometimes when you do you can only see the last session you did,so you need to open the copy software and change the session to be able to see the files on the disk.At least i have had to do this with nero somtimes when the data doesnt show.I think its under disk info not sure havent used it in a while.

  Fastflys 00:51 02 Aug 2005

Thanks for the response.

No, I didn’t create a multisession disk.

Direct CD/Drag To Disk is Roxio software’s method of formatting a Data CD so that it can be used like a floppy disk. I.E. drag and drop, copy and paste etc.

This disk has been working correctly for a couple of years, then without warning, nothing.

  ACOLYTE 00:59 02 Aug 2005

If its a few years old it may be it has come to the end of its life CD/RW dont usually last very long so 2 years use is quite good.Have you tried copying the cd to another cd or the hard drive and see what happens.

  Fastflys 19:50 03 Aug 2005

I've tried copying the CD to the hard drive but I only get the folders and files that are still showing on the CD-RW not all the folders and files that have "disappeared".

When you say that CD-RWs have a short life [in my case about 2 years] do you mean 2 years of constant usage? I have a number of CD-RWs with data, photos etc, backed up on them which I only access occasionally to add further data. Are you saying that these disks which are also 2 years old are about to auto destruct on me?

  Stuartli 19:59 03 Aug 2005

See this Microsoft Support Page on the subject:

click here;en-us;Q311455

  Stuartli 20:03 03 Aug 2005

I presume you are discussing CD-RW disks and not drives?

A CD-RW disk works by its surface continually being changed with burning sessions and the maximum number of burnings which can be accomplished is around 1,000.

Furthermore because such disks don't have the reflectivity levels of a CD-R, it often becomes harder for a drive to read such disks or it can happen if you use one in a different drive.

  Fastflys 23:27 03 Aug 2005

Your “Click here” link is not working. Microsoft’s website says that the page cannot be found.

Is there any way of recovering data from a defective CD-RW disk?

  DieSse 00:15 04 Aug 2005

click here

Loads of others - try a google search.

  Stuartli 09:01 04 Aug 2005

I should have learned by now to TinyURL Microsoft web pages, but this one was short enough not to seem necessary...:-(

It's at:

click here

  Snec 09:25 04 Aug 2005

When using CD-RW for backup, always use two. You know that now of course.

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