Help with cd burning

  fossil 20:38 29 Dec 2005

Hi All.
When I try to burn my cd I get an erorr message,
:There was an erorr in the writing process.
The disc you have attemted to write to may no longer be usable.:
I am running xp and using nero 5.5 that came with the pc.
If I go to device manager and uninstall the lite-on disc drive and then reinstall it,I can burn once sucessfully but when I try again I get the above message.
I have tried several makes of discs.
Many thanks for reading,hope someone can help.


  rômanab 20:57 29 Dec 2005

Your writer could be on the way out, could you borrow one to find out if it is software or hardware related?

When mine went it was really temperamental for a while before finally packing in completely, it would read and write sometimes and other times wouldn't even acknowledge there was a disc inserted. I spent hours trying to work out what was causing it but finally gave up and borrowed one and it worked fine so I knew to replace my one.

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  jimv7 21:07 29 Dec 2005

Have you got the latest update for your version of nero.

  fossil 21:40 29 Dec 2005

Hi romanab.
The writer is a replacment as I was having this trouble with my previous one.

regards tony.

  fossil 21:42 29 Dec 2005

Hi jim.
I tried installing nero 7 demo today but it
did not sovle my problem.


  Skyver 21:49 29 Dec 2005

Does it always fail during writing, or can you get as far as verifying the written data (assuming you check the `Verify` box somewhere in Nero - sorry I can't be more specific, I don't use Nero)?

  Totally-braindead 22:11 29 Dec 2005

Have you tried the simulation in Nero and see if that fails? Its on the last screen I think you have to go to the bottom options, only other suggestions I have is make sure Nero is as fully updated as you are allowed and try creating an image file and burn a disk from that rather than trying on the fly.

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