Help with CCleaner

  shizzy 19:09 30 Dec 2004

Started writing this a few minutes ago but lights and PCs went off for a moment. Both got surge protectors and both rebooted ok.
Used CCleaner for the first time and cleared a fair bit but worried about using the Issues scan as I have never felt confident enough to use a registry cleaner Gandalf always says delete everything it finds but the Windows scan did it without giving a choice. I wanted to clear any rubbish as intend using Norton Ghost next. Please could you advise.
Re the Wizard. I could be wrong but seem to remember him saying he was off on holiday. Hope he is safe.

  Taw® 19:16 30 Dec 2004

when running the issues ccleaner always gives you an option of backing up the reg before fixing the issues. When I initially used ccleaner I always backed up the reg before fixing but I never needed to reload the old reg. I have been running ccleaner for quite a while now and don't bother backing up the reg.It has never caused me any probs.

  Jackcoms 19:17 30 Dec 2004

Gandalf is correct. You can safely delete anything which CCleaner throws up under 'Issues'.

If you're worried it does offer you the option to back up your registry.

I've used CCleaner for 6 or 7 months on a weekly basis (on Gandalf's recommendation in this Forum). I've NEVER backed up my registry and I've got a lean, clean, fighting machine. :-))

  Taw® 19:17 30 Dec 2004

the windows scan gives no choice as it is just clearing temp files etc

  shizzy 19:20 30 Dec 2004

Thank's for your speedy replies. I shall do it later.

  shizzy 21:43 30 Dec 2004

I know I ticked the thread but just to let you know it cleaned 517 bits of dross. Thanks again for the help and I did back up the registry just in case.

  spuds 22:42 30 Dec 2004

Make sure that you have any passwords and possible usernames noted elswhere. CCleaner can sometimes clean these out. Great product and well worth using.

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