Help! Can't set right clock speed

  rickf 20:44 09 May 2004

Hi All,
I can't seem to set the right clock speed. AMD2.8 and GA-7VT600 m/b. Default frequency is 100 and it gives a max of 132. I need 12.5 multiplier with 166 to get 2075. At present its only 1250. There is no option in the Bios apart from the above 100-132. Any ideas. Set all dip switches to auto at present but still stuck with 1250. Its doing my head in. I have not used this m/b before.Any suggestions please experts?

  woodchip 21:03 09 May 2004

Looks like a Mobo update

  woodchip 21:04 09 May 2004

Is there a update for the BIOS for that board you need to check the Bios version you are running first

  rickf 21:10 09 May 2004

Ok Woodchip. Will post back.

  rickf 21:51 09 May 2004

I am missing some thing here. Just up[dated the Bios with Gigabyte's auto update and there are still no options for me in Bios beyond 100-132. At the moment the switches are set to auto, but when I set it to 12.5 multiplier everything remains the same. Any ideas people?

  rickf 21:52 09 May 2004

This CPU should be running at 2080 and I am getting 1260!!!!no matter what I do.

  rickf 21:54 09 May 2004


  cream. 22:51 09 May 2004

Are you sure that you have SW1 on the motherboard set to off, page 10. The default is on and that gives you a FSB of 100

  cream. 22:53 09 May 2004

Forgot to add.:-(

Off gives you the 266\333\400 auto fsb settings.

  rickf 08:04 10 May 2004

Village idiot, Thanks. As far as I can tell its switched to off for auto detection supporting up to 400fsb. Diagram on board shows all switches should be at the bottom for OFF. ON is up, unless it works the other way round and the diagram is in reverse. Have to go to work now but will try tonite. I am just concerned that the m/b might be faulty though unlikely.Will post later.

  cream. 13:17 10 May 2004

SW1 is located in between PCI 2 and PCI 3. Near the centre of the board. Looking at the manual, the off position should be towards the front of the case. Is that your understanding?

As it is running at just 100Mhz, why not move the jumper to the other position and see if it still comes up as 100Mhz or if it will report the correct fsb of your chip.

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