Help - Can't connect to the internet

  lisalab1 19:10 30 Oct 2010

I been having problems with the AVG 2011 security with my computer which kept on giving error messages that I have to reinstall it (im not sure if it is because I have windows xp. I tried to downgrade to AVG 9.0 but my computer doesn't like it and AVG 2011 is still there showing Linkscanner only. Now I have both of them with Linkscanner and no antivirus which my zonealarm and window security keeps poping up.

Now I cannot get access to the internet with my router "edimax AR-7084gA Wireless". When I click on "setup utlility" it says "call to GetAdapterInfo failed" I have reset the router but I am getting the same message. I just want to reset the AVG but they both want internet access. What can I do to correct this?

  birdface 19:37 30 Oct 2010

Try this posted by Vog on another thread.

Try deleting the Zone Alarm toolbar the re-installing AVG

  birdface 19:40 30 Oct 2010

Maybe remove both from add remove then download the latest version again.

  northumbria61 19:43 30 Oct 2010

See here - click here

  lisalab1 19:54 30 Oct 2010

I would like to reinstall any of them but at the moment I cannot get on the internet because of the error message I am getting from my router (in my previous message). I need to get on the internet to complete the AVG installation.

My line for the internet is working and I have connected the modem by Ethernet to the computer and the lights are not blinking so there is access but its looking for an adapter.

  ashdav 20:20 30 Oct 2010

You must have internet access as you are posting here.
Download the programs and put them on a memory stick.

  lisalab1 21:11 30 Oct 2010

Unfortunately you are wrong. Im using my friend/neighbour laptop which she has only has a mobile broadband. I have tried to use the mobile broadband on my desktop on my computer but the installation plays up.

So personally I do not have the internet. I have tried still getting the same message "call to GetAdapterInfo failed" with my router.

  ashdav 21:19 30 Oct 2010

No. I am right.
You just posted again.
Download the programs (on the computer you are using to get here) then put them on a memory stick to transfer them to your computer.

  birdface 21:46 30 Oct 2010

Do a system restore to before you had the problems and see if that will work.

  lisalab1 22:01 30 Oct 2010

I've tried retreiving the avg programs and tried installing it on my laptop buy it still wants internet access to complete the installation.

  lisalab1 22:03 30 Oct 2010

Buteman - A system restore? Can you please explain if you can how I can do that on windows xp professional.

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