Help! Can’t boot past MSI boot screen.

  Datboichris 11:37 18 May 2019

Hi there, I can post the specs if necessary, however encountered the above problem which I see many others have (windows 10 installed).

I initially had this problem and did a complete reinstall of windows 10, at which point it worked fine and I was about to use as normal.

However a day later the same issue has occurred. Any suggestions as to what may be the issue? Just about to perform the hard reset on the battery but thought I’d get the ball rolling.

Any advice would be hugely appreciated, Cheers!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:10 18 May 2019
  1. Remove any connected devices (USB etc.) and attempted to reboot.

  2. if still remove power lead (and laptop? battery if possible) press and hold power butoon fpr 30 secs, reconnect power and attempt to boot.

  Datboichris 12:20 18 May 2019

Hi fruit bat.

I tried these steps as per some of your reply’s on a previous thread to no avail.

It is a laptop btw, it’s not possible to remove the battery without taking the back off, but I’ve tried using what I think is the hard reset button on the back.

Appreciate your quick reply though!

  Datboichris 13:12 18 May 2019

Hi Keith 1995, yeh this was the thread I was following earlier. What I mean by the ‘MSI’ screen is that when you boot (before you get to windows) you are presented with the MSI logo, where usually you would hit F3 to enter the bios, however I can’t even access the bios, is just freezes on this MSI screen.

Many thanks though!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:31 18 May 2019

Think you are going to have to let the battery run flat.

Remove mains lead and power on laptop, once battery has run flat (leave on overnight), then press and hold power button for 30 secs, reconnect power and attempt to boot.

  wee eddie 15:48 18 May 2019

You have not told us what your Laptop is. Name and Model Number please

  Datboichris 16:04 18 May 2019

Ok that will be my next step and I’ll report back tomorrow with an update (bad or good).

The Laptop model is a MSI GL 6QF with windows 10 installed. ( I reinstalled windows 10 as recently a yesterday due to the same issue with cured the problem for approx. 24 hours).

Cheers again guys!

  wee eddie 16:56 18 May 2019

Is it the GL62?

  Datboichris 16:59 18 May 2019

Yeh sorry GL 62, my bad.

  x13 17:09 18 May 2019

Looks like this one . Assuming Windows is installed on the M.2 SSD.

If you have another laptop download Macrium Free and create a recovery medium. A CD will be good enough to use just don't add drivers. You'll see the options while creating it. Insert the CD/DVD in the MSI, boot from it, and select to repair boot. See if it boots now. If you get to Windows backup all your data first then run a disk check. Open File Explorer, select properties on C: , Tools and select error checking.

  wee eddie 17:17 18 May 2019

There must be a Battery Access Hatch

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