Help cannot connect Laptop

  ened 15:22 20 Feb 2008

Router is Netgear 834 and I have checked the settings with AOL live help.

The message on the laptop is that the settings on this computer do not match the requirements of the network.

The laptop is running Vista Basic and the signal strength is strong.

I am sure it is something I have done but we only turned the machine on from new this afternoon and there are no restore points available.

  ened 16:38 20 Feb 2008

Can anybody offer any help with this ?

  ened 17:54 20 Feb 2008


  woodchip 17:58 20 Feb 2008

I had this Problem on a new Toshiba I got from Curry's It would only connect if I disabled Encryption in the router. It was running VISTA. I took it back and got my money back after a week of trying to connect. I bought a HP with XP loaded

  ened 18:42 20 Feb 2008

I have managed to get the laptop to accept the settings and it is allowing me to attempt to connect. I did this by changing the encryption from WPA to WEP.

So I have progressed one stage. However now it attempts to connect but fails.

So now I am looking for some ideas as to why it won't complete the connection.

The signal strength is Excellent but the diagnostics (for what they are worth) are mentioning weak signal.

At least the laptop now agrees the connection is posible but I need to know what to look for next.

Any help will be gratefully appreciated as my wife is quite disappointed.

  ened 18:59 20 Feb 2008

I'm sure this problem must have been faced and resolved before - it is a Netgear Router and Dell Laptop - I am signing (wearily) off for tonight but will look back tomorrow in the hope some kind sole can offer me a solution.

You will make my wife (and thus me myself) a very happy person.

  ened 11:20 21 Feb 2008

I have now sussed out that it will connect to an open network.

Using WPA it says"the settings on this computer do not match the requirements of the network."

Using WEP it simply fails to connect.

Is it likely there is something wrong with the software on the laptop?

  woodchip 15:39 21 Feb 2008

As I said above I think it's a Vista problem

  ened 16:08 21 Feb 2008

I just re-read your post and now take your point.

I am not prepared to leave the network open but the router has the ability to restrict access.

If I go down that road and only allow my wife's laptop access I am wondering if that is secure?

Would anybody recommend restricting access based on MAC address and leaving the network unencrypted?

Or is it easy to bypass such a measure?

  woodchip 16:34 21 Feb 2008

I use WPA but as I said I could not get it to work with Vista, But Vista Upgraded it's self in the afternoon about 3.00pm if I remember right. Although I had set it all up as it should be only Vista could connect, Whr I used it after it connected it worked, but after shut down it was to not connecting

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