Help Buying New Laptop For Business

  mrst 23:20 16 May 2018


I am looking for some advice from you techie folks for buying a new laptop for my small craft business as my sister now helps me. I currently have a Dell XPS Spec Below, which I am not looking to replace this one as its only a year old, but just want to give you an idea of the type of machine I am used to.

Windows 10 Intel (R) Core (TM) i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz RAM 16GB 64 Bit operating system backlit keyboard

Previously before this I also had a dell xps which is now 7 years old this is the one my sister is using and the one I am looking to replace dont have spec to hand but it did cost £1300 at the time, but its now so slow missing a few keys, fan runs overtime that I am looking to pick up a new laptop. Dont need it as singing and dancing as mine above as she wont be designing and using Adobe Illustrator etc.

She will be using Office 365, and mainly processing via internet from an online software package. would like it to be a decent speed and decent graphics on monitor.

I am not sure what else to say or if you need any more info, but would be really grateful for some advice as I really need to make sure I choose right first time as wont have money to replace if its rubbish.

Dont want to pay anywhere near the money I paid for mine but not sure how much realistically a decent one is going to set me back.

  Forum Editor 10:57 17 May 2018

"....not sure how much realistically a decent one is going to set me back."

That's always the thing - one person's idea of what is decent isn't always the same as another's.

Here are a couple of very decent machines for business use Either one would easily handle your sister's workload but they aren't cheap.

There are less expensive options - it would help if you could give an idea of your budget maximum.

  mrst 13:59 17 May 2018


Many thanks for your reply, for some reason the link does not work, would you mind posting again please.

  alanrwood 15:04 17 May 2018

Same for me. Link not working.

  Forum Editor 15:11 17 May 2018

Apologies for the non-working link, I entered some options on the Dell site, and forgot that the links are generated dynamically - mine was a session link.

Take a look at this, and play about with some options to arrive at an acceptable price.

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