Help with buying a new Gaming pc?

  ulsterbrit 19:58 11 Jan 2010

Im ready to buy a new high end gaming pc, and i have no idea how to make one myself and i will most likely be buying from click here as thats where i bought my last 2 machines from and there phone support is first class. unless you guys can come up with better. my budget is £1800-2200
this is what i have picked, from this link click here

Antec Twelve Hundred Black
Coolermaster Real Power M1000
Core i7 920 8MB Cache Socket 1366
Alpenfohn Groß Clockner CPU Cooler ( i know its cheap but was told it is a first class cooler? )
Radeon HD5970 2GB GDDR5 PCI-Express
6GB Corsair DDR3 1600MHz C9 Triple Channel
Asus P6T Deluxe V2 Socket 1366
300GB VelociRaptor SATA II 16MB Cache ( for operating system and games)
500GB Caviar SE16 SATA 300 (for movies and music i dont want raid as i dont think i would be able to get my pc running if i have to reinstal windows in the future which i do alot as i dont know a great deal bout pc's)

DVD-RW 20x
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
price 2016£

is this a good choice or should i swap anything around? this machine is for gaming only, and will watch few movies and stuff, but keep in mind that it is only realy for gaming.
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Additional Details
after a bit of searching online i have found a firm called click here they are supposed to have the best after sales in Britain, with a 2 year return to base pluss a good bit cheaper. but do you think there gaming pc's would be as good?
after sales is must for me.
any answers would be appreciated

  gary2112 20:04 11 Jan 2010

if your going for a Radeon HD5970 2GB GDDR5 PCI-Express go for the asus card as they are very good for overclocking and for that sort of speck intel have a new solid state harddrive at 99 quid only small but will make your system fly

  ulsterbrit 20:45 11 Jan 2010

i just thound a website what is much cheaper then them others please check this site for me guys and have any of you heard of it?

  ulsterbrit 20:49 11 Jan 2010

thanks for reply spartacus you couldnt have a look at site for me could you and write what system would be best? price range is roughly 1900-2200£ is a ssd drive easy to look after as i dont have a great deal of experiance m8?

  I am Spartacus 20:49 11 Jan 2010

I wouldn't bother with the VelociRaptor and get either a faster and larger 1TB Samsung F3 or consider an SSD instead.

If you're planning on overclocking the latest revision of that motherboard is the P6TD Deluxe. If you're not then a cheaper motherboard would be sufficient.

I haven't costed the parts fully but it seems a bit overpriced to me.

  citadel 22:28 11 Jan 2010

I would just get a 5870, nvidia dx11 are reported 20% + faster so you may want to change card in a couple of months

  GaT7 22:39 11 Jan 2010

Never heard much about PowerC before, but they appear to be good if they stick to their terms. Wired2Fire appear quite expensive at first glance, so I agree with IaS there. Arbico are frequently reviewed by PCA.

Chillblast click here also offer a 2-year pick-up & return service. And so do CyberPower click here at additional cost.

Anyway, here's one from Chillblast click here for just under £1500 delivered after removing the monitor during customisation. Some components can be up/downgraded:

Intel Core i7 950 Processor at 3.06GHz [pre-overclocked 920 costs £150 less]
Asus P6T SE Motherboard
ATi Radeon HD 5870 1024MB Graphics Card
Xigmatek Asgard Case [better cases available]
6GB PC3-10666 DDR3 Memory
24x DVD-RW Drive
Blu-Ray Rom Drive (can only read Blu-ray, DVD, CD)
2 x 500GB SATA Hard Drives in RAID 0
500GB SATA Hard Drive for additional storage
720W Gigabyte PSU
Onboard HD Audio
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit OEM
2 Year Collect and Return Warranty - see bottom of description

More selection at click here. G

  ulsterbrit 09:11 12 Jan 2010

do you know if Arbico have good reputation and what is there aftersales like? as i know wired2fire have supurb after sales, tho they are pricey

  ulsterbrit 15:29 12 Jan 2010

ok ive made this rig from arbico check it out please guys and its only 2050£ click here

all i need to know is if arbico are a reliable company and are there after sales good? and is the specs ok in this build

  I am Spartacus 16:03 12 Jan 2010

Still seems overpriced (it's possible I'm missing something though) to me plus:

Personally I would have a single HD5870. Crossfire performance is dependent on the drivers working well and the games being written for it. Dual cards also generate a lot of heat.

If choosing the SSD option I would want to know the model as some are still bugged. The 150GB Velociraptor is presumably an old model and is outperformed by the Samsung F3 1TB.

On-board Sound is very good these days and you may not need a separate card unless you have some really classy speakers.

I have 3 Xilence PSU's of which all are under 3 years old and only one of them still works. They're OK but at the budget end.

  ulsterbrit 16:31 12 Jan 2010

agh ok ill try again only prob tho is that none of them only prob is tho wired2fire only have (1TB Samsung Spinpoint F1 32MB Cache SATA 300) not F3
and there ssd drive is a (60GB OCZ Vertex Series SATA II 2.5" SSD )
spartacus you couldnt write down the spec i should pick from this link could you please mate. click here bluray is useless to me, same bout sound card ,only thing i realy care about is gaming.

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