Help with buying more RAM

  Ballie 16:24 21 Dec 2007


I would now like to increase the memory in my pc and am hoping someone can offer me some advice please.

The relevant spec of my pc is as follows:

Mobo - MSI – 6570E (v1.x) K7N2 Delta2 Plat (Bios – v11.5)
CPU - AMD BARTON 3200+ (400mhz) running @ 2.20GHz - @ 1.650v
Memory - DDR SDRAM 1024mb DDR 400mhz (2x512 Corsair XMS3200XL TwinX)
In slot 1 and 2, Value 200 MHz - 2.0-2-2-5 (CL-RP-RCD-RAS) @ 2.75v

As you can see from my spec I am currently running 2 x 512 corsair twinx memory which has very low latency. I would like to give the system a little boost by adding some more RAM. My mobo can take up to 3gb (max 1gb in each slot) can I just add a 1gb of memory to the third slot ? or will this mess up all the memory timings.

I would like to increase my system’s RAM so that I am running a minum 2gb, can anyone advise is it best just to sell the corsair twinx and start fresh ? if so can anyone recommend some memory (a link to a site selling it would be very helpful) that will do the job, the pc is mainly used for playing games, burning dvd’s or surfing the net.


  CatTrading 16:28 21 Dec 2007

Log onto Crucial @ click here
And then onto "Scan my System"
This will tell you what RAM your PC needs.

  alan2273 23:45 21 Dec 2007

It will not mess up the memory timings, but you would be better off using CatTradings link and getting 2 x 1gb matched pair DDR and sell your Corsair, as memory prices are rock bottom now.

  Ballie 09:52 22 Dec 2007

Alan 2273

yes I think I will sell my corsair and get a matched pair of 2 x 1gb. I have looked at the corsair 2 x 1gb (same as mine but in 2gb) but why is ddr sdram so much more expensive than ddr2?

  MAJ 12:00 22 Dec 2007

"but why is ddr sdram so much more expensive than ddr2"

Because the newer DDR2 is more in demand, so not as much of it is being made. Try buying some SDRAM, you can get 1GB DDR2 for about the same price as 256MB of the older SDRAM.

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