Help with buying a laptop and a graphics problem

  Mehi 18:59 16 Sep 2018

Hello there.

I need some help with buying a new laptop. I'm not that good when it comes to the mechanical part of computers so i could use some help. I need a laptop for school while i would also like to use it for gaming now and than. I'd spend around 800€ for it. I would definitely need space of 1TB, so only ssd disk won't do. Also it was recommended to me for gaming to get 8GB of ram, i5 and a good graphics card, 1050 was recommended for the price range. I have two suggestions that were given to me by my friends but i'm still unsure if there are any better options out there. Also i don't know what brand to trust. Some say dell is good for gaming, others recommend asus which is expensive. What are your opinions?

click here i have another question. Yesterday i experienced some troubles with my main rig. The games would just crash after i would open them and after i restarted the resolution was distorted and i had green and purple lines on the screen. I also noticed that under drivers it said error 43, that my windows noticed a problem with my graphics card and it disabled it. I tried reinstalling the drivers, hard reset but nothing worked. After a series of resets however the resolution came back and there were no more green and purple lines, however my windows was acting strange. The time and date was messed up and many shortcuts acted funny. I tough it was a virus so i formated my pc. After that the resolution is ok, everything works ok except i still have troubles with some games. When i try to run PUBG i monitor my graphics card trough task manager and i noticed that it reaches 100% and than the game crashes and closes. I tried running a less demanding game, warframe, went to the most demanding spot in the game and it worked fine. Now i'm unsure what is the problem, is my graphics card dying out? In this case what graphics card do you guys recommend? I was going to buy a new upgraded pc anyways in a couple of months when i got the money, but for now i'm only thinking of replacing the graphics card, if it really is the fault in it. Currently i have a geforce gtx 760, but am unsure whit which one to upgrade, especially now as the prices escalated. I was looking some reviews of other graphics cards, 1050, 1060, 1070 and 1080 and from what i gathered the 1080 comes in play when you want to have all the games on ultra and still have a decent fps rate, but it is very pricey. 1050 can't compare to others, 1060 has only 6gb of ram while 1070 has 8gb. I'm unsure which one to pick, especially because the prices grow with the newer graphics cards. Should i pick a cheaper 1050 and replace it sooner or go for a more expensive model and have it for longer?

I'm sorry for such a long post. I'm an overthinker and i like to get as many informations before making an important decision. I thank you all in advanced.



  Mehi 19:02 16 Sep 2018

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