Help buying a desktop pc

  doz123 12:54 14 Jan 2012

Can anyone recommend a good desktop PC.

Preferably Intel core i3 or i5 with minimum 4 ram windows 7 and 1TB hard drive. I have been looking at HP Pavilion p6-2035 is this a good PC, but I have noticed it only as 4 USB ports.

I do not know about graphic cards as I am quite a novice at these things.


  johndrew 13:21 15 Jan 2012

What are you going to use it for? If you intend games/video you will need a more powerful PC than if you simply want to do word processing.

  doz123 13:39 15 Jan 2012

Hi John

I need it for browsing the internet, shopping, watching videos.

The one I am using now is 7 years old it was from Micro Direct and it is I think 512ram, as it is now going slow and as I have a Dongle in My TV to access the internet it does not seem very powerful.

I am hoping to change ISP to BT Infinity soon but I thought I would be better to get the desktop first.

I am quite good at using the internet but have no knowledge of what to look for in another PC. My local Computer repair shop says he could build one for £420, but I have seen the same specs for less on the internet, I am at a loss what to do.

  difarn 13:50 15 Jan 2012

I had a PC build by my local computershop and I must say it is excellent. You have a real say in exactly what you want.

I have an Intel Core i5 2300, Sandy Bridge, 4G, expandable to 8G with an ATI Radeon HD 5700 Graphics Card. Fully customized for me I paid just under £700. There was also the possibility of an i3 for just around £500.

The big advantage is that they are there at the end of a phone or an e-mail or by calling in to the shop - make home visits too.

I would go for your local shop.

  cruiser2 15:56 15 Jan 2012

Agree with difarn. This pc was built by a local shop. Agreed the components which were fitted having discussed what I wanted to do on the computer. It was a replacement for one which was four years old and kept having a fault. After less than a month the motherboard failed. No problem having a new one fitted. Have since phoned them on several occasions for advice on a local number. They will even come out and the charge is reasonable.

  johndrew 16:15 15 Jan 2012

There are many PC suppliers. Unless you know your local shop well and they have a good reputation you may well doo better looking at some of the larger suppliers. You could also look at PCA reviews.

To give you an idea of what is available for up to your budget have a look at these offerings:



I haven't used either supplier but the write up for the PCs and what they can be used for may well help you especially the Novatech site. There are other suppliers who will build to your specification but unless you know what you want you may be as well to consider a supplier design.

I would suggest though that you consider an Intel i5 processor or AMD Phenom II if it falls within budget.

  Joe G 19:41 05 Feb 2012

Hi - I'm buying a new PC and have been looking at Chillblast which have very good reviews and seem to be reasonable value - I've posted a topic on the Helproom Forum on this so may be worth checking out for replies there - someone has already posted a link to reviews which confirm what I have seen so far

  Armchair 10:16 06 Feb 2012

I would recommend buying the components you want, and assembling the PC yourself. That way you won't be wasting cash on stuff you don't want or need, and youll learn a great deal.

  matt2000 21:35 17 Feb 2012

I use a hp G54uk brillient for everyday use. with 8 usb ports, cd/dvd drive internal wireless 1.32 TB of storage and an sd card reader with windows 7 home prenium installed but buy an external hard drive with it and back up your data. 1.35tb can be a lot to loose.

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