help burning mp3 to cd

  chrisjohn 21:00 14 Mar 2007

tried using nero6,can get 110 songs on cd,but when i play in car cd,its says error on disk,it plays ok in pc,tried using media player 10,but i can only get approx 20 songs on disk,using media player,any help

  MAJ 21:06 14 Mar 2007

Most car CD Players wont play mp3 disks, your player has to have that specific option. You'll have to create an "Audio" CD for that. You'll only get 10 to 20 songs on an Audio CD , depending on their file size.

  moorie- 21:06 14 Mar 2007

ive just burned one for my wifes car use this to create audio cd excellent
click here

  chrisjohn 21:08 14 Mar 2007

its a new astra and it says it is mp3 in the instructions.

  cider country bumpkin 21:19 14 Mar 2007

Hi, Don't try anything fancy, just drag and drop the mp3 files onto the CD or right click the files and send to the CD drive or create a data CD in Nero. I've 700 tracks on 3 CD's and it's amazing how long a speech mp3 CD will play for - great for downloaded audio books! Try click here for a taste of good free ones.

  MAJ 21:31 14 Mar 2007

As cider country bumpkin, says, don't try anything fancy with Nero, but also try another make of CD-R (not CD-RW), your player might be having problems reading data from that specific make of CD, assuming Vauxhall's claim of an MP3 player is correct for your specific Astra model. Check the player's model out on Google, see if it can indeed play MP3 disks.

  daba 00:27 15 Mar 2007

have you "finalised" the disk after burning your mp3's so that it can be read in other players.

unfinalised it will play on the machine that created it, but not others

  daisy2bell 08:56 15 Mar 2007

I had exactly the same problem.
On advise I got from this site, I burned them as WAV files and also burnt at a lower speed, now they play ok.
Open up my computer, right click your CD drive select recording and there is a drop down box where you can select the speed. I set mine to 4x. The faster speeds tend to throw up errors.

  daba 23:27 15 Mar 2007

chrisjohn wants to play mp3 files - he said "its a new astra and it says it is mp3 in the instructions."

mp3 is a compressed format, you can get about 10 times as many tracks on each disk. Very usefull in a car...

burning speed is a factor determined by the quality of both the CD burner drive and the disks.

  skidzy 23:32 15 Mar 2007

When creating a audio cd,it does not finalise as such, as windows does this automatically..dvd's will need finalizing though via the burning software.

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