help to build pc

  BeeWee 00:17 17 Feb 2003

i'm going to ask "someone" to build a pc for me..i love music and have a large collection of it so need an excellent sound card/system. i like to burn cd's too. i like to watch dvd's and i word process quite a bit. i have a floppy disc digital camera and hope to make movies in the future. i surf the net a lot and have 600kps broadband. if someone could conjure up a spec that would suit my needs then i wouldn't appear to be quite so stupid when i ask "someone" to build my ideal pc.

  y_not 06:27 17 Feb 2003

Seems theres not much you don't plan to use this shiney new PC for........but what about gaming?

Is that likely to be a requirement for the future?

  BeeWee 08:32 17 Feb 2003

hello i'm not into gaming at all!

  MartinT-B 09:43 17 Feb 2003

If you're not into gaming and cutting edge specs for your PC you will be better off going to a good, reputable PC supplier direct.

Don't go to PC world or anyone with a number of High Street outlets, they cost money to maintain, which will be passed on to you.

If you look in a few magazines PCA, Computer shopper etc. you will see a number of companies that sell direct to the consumer at a price much lower than it will cost to build one from scratch.

The reason? They buy in bulk. 1000 motherboards will be sold to them at a trade and a bulk-buy discount, which cannot be matched by a small company. That rule applies to all the PC components.

Look for one that is bundled with a good sound and graphics card, and has DDR and a few PCI slots for up-grad-ability, and you will be fine.

No doubt, if you ask, people will recommend one or two fro consideration.

  BeeWee 09:59 17 Feb 2003

thank you Martin that's helpful..i want the best components for my requirements

  Stokey 10:19 17 Feb 2003

If you look in Micro Mart you will find you can buy REALLY good spec base units for under £300.

For that price you will not get onboard graphics but as you are not into gaming that does not matter. They will anyway run quite a lot of (undemanding)games. They arrive with a bare HDD and no software (apart from modem & sound drivers etc). For anyone who already has a monitor,an OS and all the software they need this is a cost effective way to go. You really do get a lot for your money.

  BeeWee 10:38 17 Feb 2003

thanks stokey...that's another thing i can think about!

  Mysticnas 11:07 17 Feb 2003

ok heres a suggestion...

you want good sound? ok the Audigy2 is very good. and if you want connectivity then go the Audigy2 platinum which has a front connectivity bay with remote (i have this). To this you can attach firewire, midi in/out, mic, headphones, Aux L/R, Optical in/out, SPDIF in/out. you can attach a keyboard to it and make music if you're into that. or plug a minidisc recorder to it and copy your mp3's to it digitally. This sound card also allows full 6.1 sound as well as 5.1.

grahpics? well a GF2 MX with 64Mb should see you ok. you can pick these up for under £40 from sites such as click here or click here

or even get a GF4 MX for about £50 from the same sites.

If you wan't to go even cheaper get a motherboard with onboard graphics. If you go for this option the you can wait and see if you require a better graphics card and buy and add one later yourself. :o)

i'd go for a P4 2.4 or an Athlon XP2600

DDR Ram PC2700 and get about 512Mb of it.

As for everthing else... DVD drives are almost all the same. They all play at 16x as far as i know.

CDRW you can pick up a 52x24x52 for just under £50. But unless you got 52x CDR's they won't burn at 52x speed.

Monitor. have you already got one? iiyama make some good ones. I have a 19" VW pro 454. it's fine. costs just under £300. but i'm sure you can pick up cheaper ones.

have i missed anything?

just let me know!


  Mysticnas 11:09 17 Feb 2003

there's a Fatsimo card around that has 7.1 sound and i think is cheaper than Audigy. personally i think it's worth sticking with creatives audigy2.

click here

  tran1 11:12 17 Feb 2003

Have you got a budget? Or money no object? lol

  Mysticnas 11:18 17 Feb 2003

yeah, we don't wanna be suggesting lots of nice spangly shiny stuff thats waaay out of your budget!!!

give us your budget and we'll be able to 'elp you a little more by suggesting particular products etc...

won't we all???

"yes we will"

my cold toes are effecting my brain methinx

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