Help! broken the usb port on portable HDD

  puma22 18:17 13 Dec 2010

I've stupidly dropped my portable HDD and have broken the usb mini port off the green circuit board. I have back it up, but not for a couple of days, so have most of the files. However, is there anyway I can put a new cover round the old drive?

Many thanks

  jakimo 18:31 13 Dec 2010

not very likely,the port wiring being integral with the board

  puma22 18:34 13 Dec 2010

Thanks for the quick response. I've taken it apart and it seems that the HDD is in it's own separate housing with some pin slolts on the end. I'm thinking that maybe I can buy a new housing that will have pins to fit into the slots - if this makes sense?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:50 13 Dec 2010

You should easily be able to put the drive into a new housing

Is your drive SATA or IDE and is it a small 2.5 drive(laptop size) or the larger 3.5 inch drive?

click here
sata 2.5 enlosure

  puma22 18:59 13 Dec 2010


In my panick I've ordered one of these from Amazon. click here for £8.00 it is worth a try!

I hope that it is the right one - The original cover came as one with the HDD - freecom and was sold as a portable hard drive. The disk inside is labelled fujitsu sata drive mhy2160bh but no size on it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:19 13 Dec 2010


comes out as a 2.5 inch sata drive so that case is the correct one :0)

  ashleycardwell94 19:37 13 Dec 2010

this happened with my Western digital drive. Now its a hard drive for my notebook!

  puma22 19:52 13 Dec 2010

Thanks all!

I'll mark as resolved until I get into difficulties putting it all together LoL.

  grey george 20:33 13 Dec 2010

It may be worth checking if the original drive unit had a cooling fan/or vents as most of the caddy's don't. This means they can over heat if used for long periods.

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