Bluescreen 09:20 27 Jun 2003

Hi everyone.
I need some advice. All my friend have gone BB over the last few weeks and I feel left out so need to do something about it. I have found my isp I want to use(Plusnet Homesurf£18.99 pm), but would like to purchase my own isdn modem pci card. As this is only £35-40 notes, its a lot cheaper than the £50-70 that the isps' are charging.If I get my own card, I will only have to pay £59 one off fee.

My question is...if I purchase an eTEC PT-3805, which seem very well rated everywhere, will it be a simple case of plug and play(I run xp) after dialup setup or is there more to it? Everyone else has a small 'Thompson' external modem which BT ,Virgin etc are all using but the charge is different per isp!(Bt the highest as normal). I also heard that a pci es better than an external modem. Is that true?


  Andybear 09:26 27 Jun 2003

I don't know about pci's being better than external. The external modem that came free with my broadband connection (NTL) works fine.

  -pops- 09:29 27 Jun 2003

Pute the modem name into Google - you will see some good reports on it. Also click here


  Bluescreen 09:32 27 Jun 2003

Yep. Thats what I said but what about the installation and set up?

  Chegs ? 11:01 27 Jun 2003

Its simple enough to set up,once the drivers are installed for the modem the rest of the setup is very similar to setting up a normal dialup modem(Username/Password)I have just set up my own ADSL modem for my new ISP and I set it up previously for my last ISP.I have never had any problems that couldn't be sorted by asking either in here or over at ADSL Guides site.

  Bluescreen 11:11 27 Jun 2003

Thanks Chegs. Anyone used Plusnets pci modem or any issues with plusnets BB service? If I hear nothing in 3hrs, I'm in with them and their pci modem starter pack.

Thanks everyone

  Despicable Desperado 02:10 28 Jun 2003

Depends on what you want to do. If the BB is only on 1 PC then the internal is OK. Speed is not an issue as internal and external ADSL mods will support the same. Go for it!!

  Bluescreen 17:44 28 Jun 2003

Thanks all

  dipsy 23:22 28 Jun 2003
  Bluescreen 08:38 29 Jun 2003

Thanks. but the bloke seems to S*#t his nest with them. As with all hardware, if its u/s, you return it for a replacement. I have returned many a mobo and the process has taken less that 4 days. The man still had dial up!

I think hes a bit spoilt

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