Help - Broadband Set-Up!

  Green Eyes 23:35 01 Feb 2006

Hi, I wonder if someone could give a non-technical girl some advice regarding converting from dial-up to Broadband? I have received my set-up pack (modem, cable and filters) from my ISP and they say the phone line should be converted in the next ten days. However I have several questions:

1) Can I install the modem ahead of the line being available and still use dial-up until then or will installing the modem make dial-up unavailable?

2) I have two phone points but only one phone. My phone is in the lounge and my PC is in the bedroom so they will each be connected to separate phone points. Do I need to use the filters on both phone points or just on the point where the PC connects?

3) I don’t have a phone point in my bedroom so will need to connect to a point on the landing. As the RJ11 cable isn’t long enough can I connect it to the filter and then use a phone extension cable from the filter to the telephone point or must the filter plug directly into the telephone point?

Sorry if these are silly questions but I’m just a girlie!

(I'm in UK and ISP is Wanadoo if this helps)

  wobblymike 23:45 01 Feb 2006

1. If you are going to use your dial up until the line is ready don't olug your broadband modem in until you are ready to install

2. To make it work just on the point where he PC connects - you may need to fit a filter to the phone downstairs as well to get rid of noise

3 Filter plugs in directly to the modem - use your extension lead and connect the filter to the end of it

Is your broadband modem USB or ethernet i.e does it have an ethernet socket on the back as well as a USB?

  Diodorus Siculus 23:46 01 Feb 2006

1 - no problem with installing the modem, but may as well wait till it's ready.

2 - The filter only needs to go where a phone will be used. No phone, no need for a filter.

3 - yes, you can use a regular phone extension cable. Some people seem to suggest up to 20 metres in lenght.

Sorry if these are silly answers, but I'm only a boy!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:46 01 Feb 2006

1) No. It will be a BB modem not a dial up. BB and dial up are two completely different things. You MUST only connect the BB modem when you are told to in the setup CD.

2) One filter on each point. You should be supplied with at least two filters.

3) You can use an extension cable up to 15 mtrs.


  Stuartli 00:40 02 Feb 2006

My son has a (quality) 20 metres telephone extension as his system is in the roof space...:-)

Normal anticipated BB speeds.

  Green Eyes 12:32 02 Feb 2006

Thanks guys! I may be back with more questions!!

  Diodorus Siculus 14:37 02 Feb 2006

Installing the BB modem will not in any way affect the dialup modem; many BB users have a dail up as a reserve

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