Help! boss wants me source 4 complete pc systems??

  Pablothehat 16:28 06 Aug 2003

Hi I work in a small company as a care worker. The owner of the company has asked me to source 4 complete offce pc's, base units, Flat screens, usb, colour printers and scanners etc. Don't really know where to start. Just because I installed a firewall and virus protection, I've become responsible for the co's computing needs!! Any advice would be thankfully received.

  User-312386 16:31 06 Aug 2003

there are a lot of comapney around that would give you a deal

i use nethighstreet click here

click on the computer links and then have a look

  pj123 16:43 06 Aug 2003

You could also try here click here

  chorlton 16:59 06 Aug 2003

If you don't want anything flashy, for games, animation, digital image processing. Then stick to the major manufacturers, on the whole you will have less problems. HP/Compaq, Dell etc. Don't shy away from the warrantys as if the computers are for business, they will soon become very important.

  Djohn 17:07 06 Aug 2003

You could also call into PC World, they have some excellent systems and a business section that would be able to advise on your needs, also will offer you a good deal on 4 complete systems.

They will deliver free of charge, that's if they do not have all in stock when you call, also if you have a problem with any of the items, you can pop back and change. j.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:19 06 Aug 2003

I'll go with Djohn. PCW have some excellent Compaqs and emachines for around £600. You do not need mega specs and if you need advice on specs post here.

ps...never vounteer for anything.


  madPentium 21:52 06 Aug 2003

Dell? did someone say Dell? LOL

I was told the following by someone who works for the dell helpline, I speak to him regularly on a forum...

Dell helpline phones are charged at a premium and the phone system is designed to disconnect a call after 15 minutes automatically. The caller has to ring back with a reference if the problem isnt resolved. I used to wonder why I was always cut off.

  powerless 22:01 06 Aug 2003

Whats this?

email to GANDALF <|:-)>" src="discuss/images/mailto.gif" width=14 border=0> GANDALF <|:-)>

  VoG II 22:07 06 Aug 2003


PabloTheHat - go with DJohn's suggestion and you won't go wrong. I trust that you are getting a good deal for this from your employer? I guess not "An Investor in People"?!?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:19 06 Aug 2003



  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:27 06 Aug 2003

If you want to go the PCW way, mail here and I'll sort out the best specs for you....bought enough computers from them in the past click here at £499 and 6 USB ports;-)) There is also the benefit of instant delivery aka shanks' pony.

Do you really need 4 printers and 4 scanners? It may be worth pointing out that if you want to put AVs and firewalls on them, you would have to buy the corporate rates as the machines are not for home use. Personally, I would only advise that a firewall be put on a computer that is connected to the net. ;-))


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