Help with boot up of Medion E4242 Notebook.

  Brianbirty 12:07 20 Jul 2018

I am unable to boot the notebook , it says insert disc.I don't have a disc and am unable to boot from a usb... please help!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:17 20 Jul 2018

It can't read your hard drive, if you are lucky removing and refitting the hard drive to remake the connection may solve the problem.

F2 gets you to the UEFI configuration so you can boot from a USB.

  Brianbirty 22:20 20 Jul 2018

Fruit Bat! I can get into the UEFI via F2, but from that screen I am not able to select "boot from usb" option...the scroll and select on here is not straight forward....this is the issue that I need help with!!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:55 21 Jul 2018

Do you have a setting called something like "Legacy boot"?

this needs to be enabled to boot from USB.

  Brianbirty 10:55 21 Jul 2018

No, the only options are quiet boot and fast boot!

  Brianbirty 11:00 21 Jul 2018

One option is usb support....I set this to "full initial" but it still won't boot from the usb. It's a pity I can't send you a photo!

  Brianbirty 11:06 21 Jul 2018

The best I can do is get a screen telling me to insert the installation disc. As it is a notebook I do not have a disc ,so that is why I need to boot from usb

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:58 21 Jul 2018

IS it new?

has it ever had windows on and working?

  Brianbirty 21:25 21 Jul 2018

It had Windows 10, which I do not like, so was installing Windows 7.I was formatting half the hard drive and unintentionally deleted some of the main partition ��

  Brianbirty 21:29 21 Jul 2018

I have done this several times in the past on laptop's, and went in too quickly on the notebook,not realising it only had 50gb hard drive

  wee eddie 21:30 21 Jul 2018

It frequently helps when one knows how one got there

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