Help with bios beep codes

  Madscot_uk 18:50 09 Jul 2006

My dad has a cube based pc and recently the fan on the northbridge HS has given up the ghost, one of the case fans was the same size as the formentioned fan so i swapped them over, including MB sockets.

Now on booting the pc it emits repeated long beeps, i can find the error for repeated short beeps but not long.

Can anyone shed any light on this problem



  andrew-196854 19:14 09 Jul 2006

does this link help plus you have to know what bios you are running will tell you on start up click here ps im a bit confused as to what you have done

  Madscot_uk 19:23 09 Jul 2006

Cheers, the computer itself doesnt get as far as the boot screen so i cant check the type, got a feeing it might be award, which by the site, might make it awkward to diagnose.

As to what i've done....the bearing on the nothbridge fan gave up, its as far as i can see a 40mm case fan. As a tempoary solution i moved one of the machines case fans to replace the one on the northbridge chip, including moving the motherboard fan headers in case of any fan moitoring within the bios.

Now on boot the machine repeatedly gives a long beep and refuses to boot. I've checked the ram seating & psu connections so im beginning to think there may be ether a psu or mobo problem.


  andrew-196854 19:30 09 Jul 2006

what motherboard is it do you know

  Madscot_uk 19:36 09 Jul 2006

On my mobo its printed, but all i can find on this one is the serial 4845glq/gvq v1.1 which when googled doesnt give any hits, did find a sticker saying phenix bios, but under that section no mention of repeated long beeps.
The machine itself is a p4 celly 478 with an intel chipset as far as i can gather.

  Totally-braindead 19:47 09 Jul 2006

I would suggest its probably something to do with the fan. Just because its the same size doesn't mean its that same type of fan. Either swap it back or buy a Northbridge heatsink and install that instead of another fan.

  woodchip 20:03 09 Jul 2006

What do you mean when you say "including MB sockets"

  Madscot_uk 20:09 09 Jul 2006

Thanks totally, tried that to no avail. Woodchip, the 3 pin plugs is what i mean, as my pc gives a warning if it detects a fan is disconnected.


  woodchip 20:14 09 Jul 2006

You did say Sockets! I thought you had removed and resoldered the sockets

  woodchip 20:15 09 Jul 2006

Check all the connections that you have not disturbed any

  Madscot_uk 13:59 11 Jul 2006

Thanks for all your views, bought a new case fan put it all back together and it worked first time, so that fault will still remain a mystery!

Regards Ms

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