HELP! Beeps and won't boot up

  gruffass 09:08 06 Feb 2010

Ok guys can you help.
Yesterday i did routine cleaning of dust in my pc. Made sure I was grounded and made sure I didn't knock anything. I also put in a new PSU, 350 from 250. Rebooted. No problems worked fine.
This morning turned it on and it beeped twice and wouldn't find a primary or secondary drive and I also hear what I think is one of the hard drives trying to turn, it's a clicking sound. F1 to reboot or F2 for setup utility. F1 just keeps giving me the same options and i'm not to sure what to do in the setup. I also put the original PSU back in.


  Technotiger 09:23 06 Feb 2010

Two beeps sometimes means a memory stick problem - try re-seating your memory sticks, does not take much to disturb them, even though they usually appear to be pretty well seated.

If the 350 PSU is new I would give it another try too.

Hard drive clicking sound is usually a warning that the drive is on its last legs, and may need replacing.

I hope you have all your important stuff backed up!

  gruffass 09:38 06 Feb 2010

Cheers Tech.

I just rebooted 'again' and got the message that Windows has encountered a problem which was caused by a removable storage device or faulty hardware such as a CD-Rom or hard drive failing.

Status -0xc00000e9
Info - An unexpected I/0 error has occurred

Unplugged the slave hard drive in the hope it was that one but the clicking is definately coming from the master drive!

  Diemmess 09:53 06 Feb 2010

You might try disconnecting the C: drive.
In that event, it should error along the lines of OS not found or No System Drive present.

If the thing is quiet with no other 'excitements' it would confirm the HD as chief suspect.

  gruffass 09:59 06 Feb 2010

Disconnected C drive, rebooted, 2 beeps
no primary or secondary drive found
F1 to continue or F2 set up utility

No other noises

  Technotiger 10:04 06 Feb 2010

Yup, main hard drive seems to the chief culprit - did you also check RAM sticks, ie remove and refit!

  gruffass 10:11 06 Feb 2010

Yes I did the sticks too. 2 beeps no drives found.
I have the small slave drive and I can use that to put windows on and use till I get a new hard drive but is there any way I can get info back from the failed one?

  Technotiger 10:19 06 Feb 2010

I meant to add - put the faulty drive into a USB Caddy for the recovery job.

  Technotiger 10:21 06 Feb 2010

I have not actually used this, yet - but I understand it is pretty good ...

click here

  Technotiger 10:24 06 Feb 2010

PS - Wondershare is Free to use without buying it.

  Technotiger 10:27 06 Feb 2010

Sorry - it is the Photo Recovery Section on its own, which is free to use - the full data recovery is not free, still worth it though as I understand it.

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