allanon 11:19 20 Oct 2008

I am a total beginner with regard to networking. I currently have a desktop PC attached to virgin media broadband. I intend to buy my daughter a laptop for Xmas and need some help on exactly what I need. Is the black box, which I currently have a router, or is it just a modem?. I assume that a new laptop will be wifi compliant as standard. Does my existing PC need to be upgraded ?. It is 3 years old now, does this need to be wi fi compliant or can it still connect to the black box ? router ? as it is now?.

Any general help gratefully accepted.

  Tech Guy 11:50 20 Oct 2008

Any new laptop will be "WiFi compliant" confirm with sales when you purchase it.

All you need now is a wireless router for cable. Contact virgin as you may already have one, if not they are around £60.

As for your desktop that doesn't need to change, just connect to router using an Ethernet cable.

  setecio 11:54 20 Oct 2008

Is it virgin media CABLE broadband where engineers came to your house and installed a special cable carrying the broadband, or is it coming via your normal BT phoneline ?

If it is CABLE broadband then you need a wireless router (WITHOUT an ADSL modem part)

If it is ADSL broadband then you will need an ADSL wireless router (WITH an ADSL modem built in), although they might already have given you this.

Please let us know the make and model of the black box that you have (any writing on it)

  allanon 12:55 20 Oct 2008

Thanks for the advice.

The "black box" is a Scientific Atlanta EPC2100R2 series cable modem. and has the name webstar on the front of the box.

Yes, I had an engineer come around and install a seperate virgin media broadband, it is not through the phone line.

I take it all I need is a wireless router then?. I am concerned about the security, what are the best options?

  Tech Guy 13:04 20 Oct 2008

Yep all you need is a wireless CABLE router, lucky as they are cheaper than ADSL ones.

As wireless security goes just use WPA2 and use good size password and you'll have no worries.

Happy shopping.

  allanon 13:07 20 Oct 2008

Thanks Tech Guy , sorry to be a pain, but can you suggest a model and make

  setecio 13:29 20 Oct 2008

Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 is one

  Tech Guy 13:47 20 Oct 2008


Sorry my friend but i never recommend equipment.

But the one setecio listed seems fine

  dawood 15:59 20 Oct 2008

You can also take a look on this wireless network setup tutorial click here , hope can help you to set up your network.

  allanon 16:34 20 Oct 2008

Thank you all

  allanon 22:48 23 Oct 2008

A friend has been suggesting using homeplugs rather than a wireless cable router. I understand that this is simply plug in and use. If I decide this option do I still need a router wireless or otherwise?

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