HELP AVG is going crazy

  jade25 13:59 18 Aug 2008

I have AVG 2009 the free one, since it started trying to get me to pay for one, it keeps saying l have got critical viruses on websites and its every other day, it takes me of and scans and l have to press remove and save the file.
But there the sites avg puts a green sign that there ok by the side of it.
I don't have any other problems and like now l get it fully scanned and its also set to scan at one every day. I use spybot as well and SuperAnti spyware. Spybot doesn't seem to do anything.
These virus files do l have to keep them.
I also wonder if they are false postives.Also when l have saved the file's l can't get rid of the screen as it keeps saying'you want to be clean

  Technotiger 14:20 18 Aug 2008

I believe AVG2009 is Spyware/Malware, you should get rid of it soonest.

  Marko797 14:24 18 Aug 2008

try using MBAM and dl the free download
click here

  sinbads 14:28 18 Aug 2008

AVG 2009?

click here

  jade25 14:39 18 Aug 2008

Thanks will download it. Is it virus or spyware that you can only have one, can't remember.
These files avg gets me to save with the virus in , can l delete them, thats if l can find were they put them.
Has there been trouble with avg as l have used it eight years and up to this new one it was great.
Also do you know of a good web scanner so l can check its clean before l download the new one, its told me l am but would like to check,
ps it took logging in 3 times before it would let me go here.

  Sea Urchin 14:44 18 Aug 2008

From the other thread

click here

  Marko797 14:45 18 Aug 2008

1x anti-v only

I had avg 7.5 for years too, but had problems recently with 8. Try avast which I have done and it works much better, imho.

Install MBAM, and run full scan.

Uninstall avg.
Clean up registry with CCleaner to get rid of avg traces, then
dl avast (or another one of your choice), install, and run a complete scan.

Let us know how u get on...

  jade25 14:50 18 Aug 2008

Am of to do it all and thanks, will get back later.
This site is slow or its my pc.

  johndrew 14:50 18 Aug 2008

Only ONE anti-virus program should be running on your PC or you will have a conflict.

Anti-spyware programs are less critical and generally you may have several.

Given that you appear to `invited` a nasty by the use of AVG2009 I would suggest you get rid of it, install the genuine AVG 8 free click here and do a full scan with Housecall click here which is also free but you must use Internet Explorer for it to run.

  Marko797 14:52 18 Aug 2008

no probs.

I guess u'll be a while scanning, so cu later no doubt. Hope all goes well.

  tullie 15:29 18 Aug 2008

The name of the application was a clue i suppose

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