Help with avast anti virus program

  Tony W. 10:22 28 Jul 2014

Can anybody help with the following.Each time I start my firefox browser an Avast warning comes up immediately with the following message even if I close the browser and reopen it comes up straight away again.

Avast webshield has blocked a harmful webpage or file


Thank you. Tony

  spuds 10:31 28 Jul 2014

Not saying its the answer, but recently I have noticed that Avast as started to come up with a number of warnings regarding 'harmful pages'. So far I have ignored the messages, and all as faired well.

What I would suggest is that you do a Google search, and see if there are others seeking advice of the same warning message?.

  spuds 10:33 28 Jul 2014

Forgot to add. Perhaps a scan with your computer might find something. Do you have a malware programme installed on your computer, if so, give it a try!.

  rdave13 10:44 28 Jul 2014

I can only think it could be something on your home page. Try changing your home page for now to see if Avast sill flags up a warning.

  Tony W. 10:45 28 Jul 2014

Hello Spuds thanks for your reply. I dont have a Malware program but I will install one now and do a scan as you suggest. Thank you.

  Tony W. 10:47 28 Jul 2014

To rdave13 Thanks I will do that as well. Tony.

  BRYNIT 11:03 28 Jul 2014

Avast adds a plugin "Avast Online security" I personally find it gives too many warnings so I disabled it. To disable Avast Online security press Ctrl+shift+A and go to extensions.

  spuds 11:05 28 Jul 2014

If you want a malware programme, then I would suggest that you try MalwareBytes and/or SuperantiSpyware, both come with good recommendations. You can get the latest free to download and use versions from these two different trusted links click here click here

  Secret-Squirrel 11:06 28 Jul 2014

Tony, I've checked the reputation of the site that Avast is blocking and it's clean so it's an Avast false-positive.

Have a read here on the Avast forum as numerous others are having the same problem this morning. Hopefully your next Avast update will cure this annoying glitch.

  Tony W. 14:39 28 Jul 2014

Probmlem sorted.

A big thank you to all those who responded to my request for help.I am grateful to each and eery one of you.And thank you to Secret-Squirrel for the link you posted it was very reassuring.

An excellent forum and as usual valuable help from very knowlegeable members.

  Ex plorer 16:54 28 Jul 2014

I run Avast Internet security, and have had the same problem this morning however it seems to have disappeared.

I ran Malwarebytes and it found nothing, also ran SuperAntiSpyware that found a few cookies that were suspect.

It must have been a glitch with Avast.

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