HELP = automatic updates, windows 7

  laptopdunce 09:50 02 Aug 2013

Everytime I log off my windows 7 laptop, it says there are 23 updates to install, it goes to to install all these and then shuts down on its own, BUT when I restart it opens up windows OK but internet explorer is not working properly, very slow and emails dont open properly, so I have to use google chrome browser, which is OK, I think the problems is that these automatic downlaods are not installing properly as if I let them install on logging off but start up again after (I assume) they have been downloaded, the windows will start up and if I log off immediately I keep getting the very same "automatic updates, do no turn off your machine" warning and it goes on to install them, so what is happening here? why arent these automatic updates installing properly? and what should I do? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 10:33 02 Aug 2013

Hi, its the entire computer that shuts down after all the 23 updates have been installed, in fact I have just set the automatic updates in the control panel and I notice that the updates that are currently being downloaded are actually for Microsoft Office XP and "access 2002", powerpoint excel, microsoft word 2002, access snapshot viewer 2002 - I dont have a microsoft office programme at all on this laptop, I just cant understand why these updates are being installed and then of course at the end of the downloads it says "windows update" and a big red cross shield icon saying 23 updates not installed - so what should I do? as I dont have office 2002 at all ( I do have a copy of "Word" that I installed myself from an old CD rom, a very old version of Word which I quite like. but I dont think the updates can be for this programme, so how can I stop these updates coming in for the microsoft office 2002? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  woodchip 10:44 02 Aug 2013

Have you tried turning Auto Updates OFF in the Security Centre in Control Panel? then go to Start Windows Update, Do it manually, that way you can load the ones you need not need

  laptopdunce 11:29 02 Aug 2013

How Do I click on the office ones? I have the box which says they didnt download but I cant find what to click on, in the left column there are option like: check for updates, change settings, view update history and restore hidden updates, so what should I click on? in the Change Settings there is a box that says "Microsoft update" -give me updates for Microsoft products and check for new Microsoft optional software when I update windows- Would it be better to untick this box as it seems to me that the updates for the Microsoft offic XP and access 2002 updates (for products I dont have) are to blame for these 23 updates that wont install - what do you think? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 14:01 02 Aug 2013

Right OK, I will try that, thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 14:07 02 Aug 2013

PS in the updates section in the control panel do I click on the option that says:- "download updates but let me choose wther to install them" or the one that says:- "Check for updates but let me chooes whether to download and install them" ? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  woodchip 14:12 02 Aug 2013

You remove the box tick in the list of updates left column is optional, for the one you do not want before you press go

  laptopdunce 17:12 02 Aug 2013

Dont understand that?? "You remove the box tick in the list of updates left column is optional" - I mean when I am in the control panel> windows updates>change settings - if I go into "change settings" it gives various options, I have actually clicked on the one that says "download updates but let me choose whether to install them" at the moment it is showing that "windows is up to date" thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  woodchip 18:33 02 Aug 2013

When you run Windows updates it gives two windows like windows explorer, the list of Security Updates on the Right, all others like Hardware and software on the left. In Security update side you remove the tick on the ones you do not want before downloading

  woodchip 18:34 02 Aug 2013

PS When Doing Manual Updates, you click on Custom, and it will search for what you need

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