Help with ATI Home 2009 / Vista

  six-h 19:42 10 Mar 2010

Just tried to do a full system image and the damn programme has overwritten my last full Image.
What's worse is that it tells me that the task failed!
Something about "Open fileW"..."The system could not find the file specified"

Just looking at the options available, there is no option to create a new image without overwriting an existing one!

I know I must be doing something wrong, but what?
Never had these problems with TI8 !!

  avesnes1 22:10 10 Mar 2010

I had ATI 10.0 and I had to download (for free) I think it was build 4942 from click here in order to make it work with Vista.

I have since moved on to Windows 7 and to avoid buying ATI 2010, I am now using Paragon Backup & Recovery v10.1(free download) which claims to work with everything from Windows 2000 Professional SP4 onwards.

  six-h 22:29 10 Mar 2010

Thanks avesnes1, but TI Home 2009 is I think the first build to specifically support Vista (and XP) it's build No 9,611.

Just an update, It didn't after all over write my previous image.
One of the task log entries mentioned oerwriting previous files...and I panicked, didn't immediately see that the last image was in fact undamaged!

Not trusting an image with three warningf messages in the log file, I have created yet another image, the only change to the instructions previously used was to change the "Priority" from the default "Low" to "Normal" rather than "High" used last time.
Could it be that TI can't cope with it's own high speed option??

  woodchip 23:12 10 Mar 2010

The only reason it would over write a image is if it is the same name, this must differ by at least one letter or number.
And best way to create a safe Image is from Boot using Ati media

  woodchip 23:14 10 Mar 2010

If you do as above, it does not matter what version of Ati you are using it will work with all versions of Windows from Boot

  six-h 23:29 10 Mar 2010

Thanks woodchip,
I'll do it that way next time!

  six-h 15:00 11 Mar 2010

Just a little gripe that I'm blaming on ATI, not sure if others have experienced the same.

To assure myself (as far as one can) that the Image is useable, I "mounted" it and explored some of the folders and files.
Satisfied, I "unmounted" the image and exited ATI.
Result: - a completely blank desktop:o(

Fortunately, it rebuilt after a few seconds but left me with few of my customary Sys tray icons.

At next boot, the sys tray had returned to normal, but I've now found that my preference regarding MS Updates had been changed to "Auto download and install".

WHY does it do these things ...Grrr.

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