Help with AOL Broadband

  BranVan39 20:05 19 Sep 2004

I have this problem...

I stupidly have AOL 9 broadband...

I have 2 computers networked together and I want to share the internet connection - I try to bridge the connections but I can't find the internet one - it appears as though AOL hide their connection.

Interestingly... if you sing on to AOL and quickly change to the networks screen - you can see one appear then disappear... when you try to change the properties, they change back the next time you sign in.

I phoned AOL and all they say is I have to buy one of their routers - but I already have a router - why not use this? Because I then can't get MSN messenger (and besides - it appears to be broken now anyway!)

I begrudge paying for another router when all I want to do is share a connection.

Other than simply changing my subscriber does anyone know of a way of getting round this?

Please help me!!!

  Graham ® 20:17 19 Sep 2004

Sorry, but you may have alienated AOL users, who are the very people who could help.

  BranVan39 20:19 19 Sep 2004

No offense meant - just been trying to do this for about 2 weeks and now HIGHLY annoyed!

  Noleg24 08:54 20 Sep 2004

if you want to change ISP try these click here I use them and since you have a router you should have no problems networking the 2 PCs and sharing the connection as I have done this before and it works fine.

  PUNKA 12:53 20 Sep 2004

Put in ICS and go from there.HTH.

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